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Jan 21, 2019
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The Client:

Nessy is the owner of a locally owned and operated full-service cleaning business that has been servicing the Jurien Bay and surrounding areas for many years and with a team of trained and experienced housekeepers.

Delivering consistently superior results to individuals and businesses, real estate agents, property managers and office complexes.

The business is broken into five areas. Cleaning services, maintenance services, holiday house management and accommodation.

Nessy had two different, extremely outdated and non functional websites on two different domains. 

Both websites were not showcasing the business well and was not user friendly.

Nessy wanted to advertise her holiday homes and take tentative bookings through the website. As well as showcasing the cleaning services, maintenance services, holiday house management and accommodation sections.

The plan was to build the website on our smart page builder platform, install our bundle of software and plugins, as well as setup hosting on our dedicated servers. Once the website was built the other domain name to point to the new website.

The new website was designed and built, with strong doorway buttons and call to actions for the cleaning services, maintenance services, holiday house management and accommodation sections.

Then importing the accommodation listings from the other directory sites Nessy had them listed on. Adding a tentative booking form that captured the customers details and tentative dates.


After setting up Nessy's new hosting account and website platform with us, we mapped out the best way to design the new homepage. Keeping in mind there were four different services we had to incorporate into the website.

We created four doorway buttons straight under the hero banner linking to the four main services, cleaning, maintenance and holiday house management. This was also set under sub menus in the header and accommodation was a stand alone doorway button.

All of the accommodation listing were put together and imported into the website. Each listing had its own tentative booking form, which captured the customers details, dates they wish to book and the listings details.

A few minor edits were made by the client't request and then the website went live.


The transformation from the existing website to the new website is enormous. Not only does the website look 1000 times better, but it is also now completely functional, user friendly and it clearly showcases exactly what the business has to offer.

Since the launch of the new website Nessy's Cleaning and Management Services are seeing an increase in website visitors that are now converting into enquiries and sales. It has cut the administration costs in half. Their online presence is now creating positive results and a more professional image for the business.

The Before and After:

This is how the website displays on a PC



The Package:

Services/Modules Used to Solve the Problem

The Praise:


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