Kent Street Deli Relaunch

Dec 17, 2019

The Client:

Brooke Whitmore is the owner/operator of Kent Street Deli.

She is a self-published author and a mother of three. Health, fitness & sharing happiness is what drives Brooke to continue to create an iconic menu, space and bloody good coffee to her local community.

Brooke has three areas of business but catering and events are the two services she wants to focus and build on. The website should reflect and focus on these two.

Her website also links to a Food Storm website where people can order in. She's very happy with this site and wants the flow of her website design to continue to the Food Storm page.

Brooke engaged with us to help them design a new website in such a way that we focus on their catering and events services. All the current events will also need to be migrated to the new website.

We took into consideration the design of her Food Storm page so that it won't feel separate from her new website.

We had a 1 to 1 Wireframe and Strategy Session to make sure we best leverage the new home page design.

We worked directly on the live site and put a splash page up. We also imported all the existing content across including current calendar events. Eventually, we added page styling on the events and catering page to ensure maximum conversion.

The site has just gone live and already the feedback has been impressive. Brooke can now promote her catering and event services via her website.

We know the site is going to perform so much better in the organic SEO rankings so will give more enquiries.

The Before and After:

This is how the website displays on a PC



The Package:

Services/Modules Used to Solve the Problem

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