JAGRD Wood Fired Relaunch

Apr 13, 2021

The Client:

Glenn and Jules, took their love of wood fired and worked with it catering “JAGRD Wood Fired Pizza” for over 4 and half years on the road, beginning in 2010 serving from Victoria all the way to Kununurra and back down to Albany, giving others the opportunity to get a taste and share too what they wanted to see available in their own “Aussie” backyards.

In 2014 with finished design and research, they introduced their own Wood Fired Outdoor Stunner, the JAGRD Oven-Smoker.

JAGRD's website design was bold, but it came at the expense of user experience. The website was very confusing to navigate and information was all over the place. The content was outdated as well.

The plan was to rebuild the whole website and its online product pages. Page styling will be done for each of the product categories.

The website will have an impressive design, with all the information presented in an organised way and easy to navigate.

The business listing was to be optimised for all Australia.

The store will be recreated and upgraded with a few more features and the product pages will contain more useful and updated information to buyers.

We kicked off the project with a Discovery, Strategy and Wireframe session where we established a layout for the homepage, grills, ovens and smokers. We sorted all the information and drilled them down to build the website's navigation.

We then proceeded with the actual building of the website and added social media sharing and an Instagram section to showcase latest photos and news from JAGRD.

The e-Commerce section of the website was built and the products were categorised correctly and added features such as Related Products was added. Openpay was retained along with the other payment methods.

An extra Recipes section was also done to further showcase what JAGRD's Products can do.

Their Google Business Listing and Youtube channel were also optimised and SEO was done on their website. Other modules such as GDPR Online Compliance were also implemented.

The website has been live for a while now and it is really impressive. JAGRD's online presence has had a full makeover.

Brand new, highly functional website set up correctly and at a professional level. The Smarter Website team is very proud of this website.

The Before and After:

This is how the website displays on a PC



The Praise:


"The team from Smarter Websites have been an invaluable addition to our business in creating a user-friendly website, always free to help with updates when needed, and quick to reply to any questions we have. Can't recommend their work highly enough, superstars all round!!"

The Package:

Services/Modules Used to Solve the Problem

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