Collective Obsessions Relaunch

Jan 22, 2021

The Client:

Collective Obsessions is about bringing experienced & budding artists together.

They provide a platform to try different mediums and learn new techniques. They also host Creative Open Days, Workshops as well as provide great products.

Collective Obsessions needed some updates to their website. We gave them 2 options, a 10 hour time block, or a website upgrade.

Some of the requested updates would have been time consuming on their current site, although WordPress, it was old theme style technology.

We showed the how our new smart page builder would mean that any updates would be quick and simple to do, once the website was upgraded.

We identified that the shop and workshops pages were broken and they are the integral part of the website. The website also needed better support as the setup is problematic making it updates difficult.

The difference in price was marginal, making it a no brainer to upgrade.

The plan was to do a full website rebuild on the WordPress platform to fix all the problems outlined.

We need to build on a ghost domain and then transfer across to the live domain as there should be no downtime.

Several parts of the website will have to be linked to third-party websites as well.

Rochelle sent her designs and Smarter Websites turned her ideas into a fully working website with some great improvements.

We embedded the products from a third-party source to the Shop page and linked the workshops to the ticket selling website and Facebook account as well.

Finally, we added a Newsletter form and an improved Contact form on the website.

The site has been live for a while now and already the feedback has been impressive.

The Collective Obsessions website is now more attractive and informative after its makeover.

Brand new, highly functional website set up correctly and at a professional level.

The Before and After:

This is how the website displays on a PC



The Praise:


A great fully functioning website delivered on time and on budget. Smarter Websites were so easy to deal with, they explained everything in easy terms and the process was seamless. I could not recommend them enough, they contact you and get back to you quickly.

Awesome job guys, love your work 🙂

The Package:

Services/Modules Used to Solve the Problem

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