Aus Star Plumbing

Jan 21, 2019

The Client:

Owners Brad and Judy are in the plumbing and gas industry. Aus Star are fully equipped to handle indoor and exterior plumbing, commercial installations, modifications, new hot water system installs and repairs, plumbing maintenance and more. Also offering gas services such as leak detection and new gas hot water units.

The team plumbers and gas fitters are licensed, trained professionals, having enhanced their skills through years of experience and regular training.

Brad and Trudy wanted to start focusing on 'hot water systems' and 'blocked drains' as being one of the main 'cash cows' in their business. The website needed to drive visitors to these pages with the correct doorway buttons and strong call to actions.

The website software and design had become outdated and needed a complete homepage revamp. The doorway buttons and call to actions needed updating to collaborate with the businesses new focus and direction.

The perfect solution for Aus Star was our homepage refresh package. Upgrading the website's software to the latest platform, plugins and to rebuild the homepage to be a modern, refreshed and high converting page.

In this particular redesign, a wire frame was created for the homepage redesign, to ensure the right journey would be taken for the visitors once landed on the homepage. The sole focus being to direct traffic to 'hot water systems' and 'blocked drains'.

The website was converted over to the new Smart Page Builder platform. The software and plugins were upgraded and installed to be running the latest versions.

Brad and Trudy's new focus within the business was their two main 'cash cows' hot water systems and blocked drains. This needed to be captured on the website and redirecting website traffic to the two main areas.

We created a wire frame of the new website and the new journey visitors will be taken on, focusing on directing visitors to hot water systems and block drains, with strong call to actions.

After the launch of the new homepage there has already been an increase in ‘click-throughs’ meaning more pages visited, more page conversions, so more brownie points with Google.

Also, an increase in website visit times.

Brad and Judy are now seeing increased sale enquiries for hot water systems and blocked drains. As they are on a monthly dynamic seo plan, having an upgraded and refreshed website really helps with getting the right results.

The Before and After:

This is how the website displays on a PC



The Package:

Services/Modules Used to Solve the Problem

The Praise:


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