Why NAP is Crucial To Get Right!

NAP is the acronym for Name Address Phone.

The Name of your business, the Address of your business and the Phone number for your business.

It is an online protocol for how the world sees the details of your business.

The KEY to success is that the protocol, or the way your business details are listed and displayed, is EXACTLY the same in every platform or profile online.

If your business address is listed as U5, 11 Trip St, Timbuktu, WA in Yellow Pages, and yet it’s displayed as Unit 5, 11 Trip Street, WA in Google it’s likely the 2 will NOT be recognised as the same entity.

Does that make sense?

You want Google, and Facebook, and the Yellow Pages, and Truelocal, or the hundreds of business listing and social platforms out there to recognise YOUR business.

It means your online footprint is bigger, and we all want that right?

So, make sure you’re consistent to the space or digit with your NAP.

If it’s a mish-mash now, which one should be the foundational baseline for your correct NAP protocol?

Google, of course, we all want to be found online, and who does that? Google!

So make sure you are happy with the Google display of your NAP, update it if necessary, and use that across ALL your online platforms.

Smart Actions:

1) Check your Google Business Listing details

2) Compare that to your ALL other online business listings, social platforms and profiles

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Peter B Butler

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