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Welcome to my Guest Book Wall. This is where you’ll see random comments and raves from clients, members and visitors.

A pretty cool WordPress Plug-in to encourage interaction right in front of the world. If you have a “gravatar” (read about that here) you’ll see that appear beside your comment.

12 thoughts on “WP Wall Guestbook”

  1. You know, the more I use your smart email software the easier it becomes and I am getting leads for business sales… fantastic.

  2. Now I realise why I didn’t write here before. The banner with the word shout in needs to have the words in white.

    So this is a bit like twitter software????

  3. It’s the same but only because it’s in a ‘box’. This is more for having 2 way conversations occur in your sidebar.

  4. Peter, it’s certainly a great idea – it adds to the ‘stickiness’ of a website.

  5. Hey Josh,

    you need to get a gravatar set up, it’ll show your mug shot, just like in FB.

  6. Wow Pete, your website looks awesome!! I’ve been here for quite a while too and keep finding little things all over the place. Thanks for all your help!

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