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Here’s one way YOU can increase your online exposure!

Last week I did a post on the “Top Social Media Marketing Tool For 2011 Is…”

I had 3 direct email responses to that post which was great, love feedback, always good for the ego. 2 are shown below, 1 guy wants to remain anonymous.

Here’s Jurek Leon’s response –

And here’s Andrew Fleming’s email response –

But for those into leveraging results here’s an even smarter way to go.

Reap the benefit, take time to make a comment yourself at the bottom of post’s.


You get online exposure, you get a link back to your website and everyone’s a winner threefold. So if Jurek and Andrew had made a comment on my website then I love that, the world gets to see interaction on my site and they will pick up a back link plus maybe some traffic to their own site.

Who wants more website traffic? So Andrew and Jurek, it’s not too late. (Late Notice – Andrew did make a comment in my little “shout box” on the home page of my site). Another interaction tool I use.

You might as well make a comment. You’ve taken the time to read it so you may as well as get another benefit apart from the content.

So, You! Make a comment NOW!

At the same time if you want your mug shot to appear with your comment here is how you do that. (If you’re a Smarter Websites client you’ve probably already got a Gravatar, it uses your email address to recognise you)

If not, go get a Gravatar !

Go make a comment NOW! It’s not hard, right now, right below!

To read last week’s post on the “Top Social Media Marketing Tool For 2011 Is…” – Click Here To Read…

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