Every business is different – we all have different marketing needs and different budgets.

That’s why Smarter Websites is a ‘Modular’ system. By breaking the whole ‘website’ and ‘getting online’ process into modules we’re able to match every business needs with their budget and goals. This way, we can help meet the needs of every business!

Hence, the Smarter Websites “Modular” System.


Your online presence these days is a major driver to your success in business.

People do use the internet to do their “due diligence” on you.

We were working with a transport company once. They get most of their business through the tender process. So why do they even need a website?

Because in that tender process they will get checked out online as a part of the due diligence process!

  • Do they need lead generation systems in place? No
  • Do they need to leverage from social media marketing? Not likely
  • They don’t even really need to rank well in the search engines.

They just needed the core website.

But another business may benefit from lead generation, or a better ranking in the search engines, or perhaps social media marketing. That may well be you!

Want all the modules but the budget isn’t there to support that, no problem, add those modules as the cashflow increases (All the modules are standalone so can be added as needed).

Want to fast track your growth and profits? Great, let’s plug in the complete system to get you ranking high with mega traffic, lead generation systems and client conversion processes in place for maximum business growth and profits.

At the core of every Smarter Website is the WordPress Platform. We exclusively use the StudioPress Genesis Framework for all our website design and marketing projects.

Why? State of the art code and smart design architecture mean search engines clearly see your content. Plus they are absolutely stunning designs.

Back to the modules – each module fulfils a specific purpose.

That purpose may be to convert your web visitors into known prospects lead generation or perhaps to integrate your website with your social media platforms, or maybe you realise the value of getting backlinks, or knowing more about your visitors so you can make informed decisions about your website and business.
Then there’s other aspects of the search engine optimisation and helping you to make it happen, and fast!

You may well be able to write your own website copy but you need the copy to be powerful and engaging.

We provide the fully “done for you” website and then we show you how to drive it. All Smarter Websites have a full content management system with a suite of tools to help grow your business. If you can write an email you can manage your own website.


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