MD Trimmer Relaunch

The Client: Deal directly with Mark Trimmer, Practicing Accountant and Registered Tax Agent with 30 years of experience in Personal and Business Accounting who understands the life of the small business owner. The Problem The Plan The Process The Payoff The Problem MD Trimmer’s website needed a ‘refresh’ with a focus shift. Their website is […]

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How BIG Is Your Footprint? As interviewed by John Denton

  How BIG Is Your Digital Footprint? Do you have prime keywords on Page 1 in Google? Find out how the world, and Google views your business online. Does Google even know you exist? Get some cool tools, learn some new tricks, and find out how Google thinks and works so YOU can become the […]

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POP3 vs IMAP Email Format

POP3 VS IMAP Email Format

So here’s the thing, whether you receive your emails using the POP3 or IMAP format is up to you. It’s an ‘user end’ setting and nothing to do with how the email is setup on the hosting/server end. The primary difference is this – – POP3 downloads the emails from the server to the device […]

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How To Create a Solid Strategic Marketing Plan System

Look, if you’re not organised or structured or systems driven, trying to stay on track with a marketing plan can be trying. So what I’m going to do in this tutorial is to walk you through how to develop a system. I’m going to zoom straight over to the board or the software that I […]

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Become an Expert Connector…

Most people when they arrive at a networking event, gravitate to people they already know. It’s human nature, easier to stay in our comfort zone right? You need to push yourself, especially if it doesn’t come naturally, to talk to different people that you wouldn’t normally. No use gravitating to the same people you already […]

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Lady with Marketing Paralysis sitting at desk in office

Marketing Paralysis… the Struggle is Real!

  Marketing paralysis. It’s a thing. I’m going through it right now and you probably will too at some point. Coming up with marketing ideas, and something to promote, is NOT the issue for me. I’ve got a gazillion things I can offer that would help you online. So, no problem there. It’s deciding which […]

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Become an ‘ALL STAR’ on LinkedIn

Top 7 LinkedIn Optimisation Tips All-Star LinkedIn Users Are 40 Times More Likely to Get Contacted! ** If checking your profile on a mobile device, go top left, ‘view profile’. LinkedIn Profile Photo: (1) Make sure your photo is current. Using a profile photo from 20 years ago might make you look good online, BUT […]

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Get More Website Pages Read, and Web Visitors To Stay Longer

I’ve been working with some clients to look at ways to help them increase the amount of time that web visitors stay on their website, and increase the amount of pages that get visited. So this is an E series, I’ll use my website as an example. So this is an e-series that I created […]

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