What About Backlinks – the Good and the Bad!

Backlinks are links from one website to another.

I’m a member of the local Chamber of Commerce, and on that website is a listing for my business, with a link to my website.

That’s a backlink to my website. Got it now?

What we’re focused on here is backlinks on other websites to your website.

Technically the more backlinks you have to your website, the better your website will ‘rank’ or is viewed by Google.

The ‘Citations’ we just talked about are backlinks.

There is a quality thing with backlinks, it’s important.

Notable websites like the Chamber of Commerce, and other local business directories are generally considered good quality.

You ONLY ever want quality backlinks, be aware that dodgy websites, mass bought backlinks can damage your domain name reputation, and sometimes irrevocably.

Often we find a dodgy website will place a link on their website, to yours, and you can’t stop that.

What you can do is tell Google to disallow that.

It’s called a ‘disavow’. Bit technical but Google know this goes on so you can protect yourself.

Consider this, are you a member of the local Chamber of Commerce, are you a member of local networking groups?

If so you would have had the opportunity to fill out a business listing profile.

We manage some local networking and online group websites, and we see more greyed out blank profiles than we do completed active profiles.

Which is weird, as these peoples paid for that business listing but not leveraging it is wasting an online opportunity.

Have you done that?

Smart Actions:

1) Make a list of your current memberships

2) Check your business listings, is there a link to your website?

3) Should the profiles be more complete?

We can run a complete backlink audit on your website, totally free of charge and no obligation.

Maybe you have a whole heap of backlinks that are damaging your domain reputation that should be marked as ‘disavow’ links with Google?


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Peter B Butler

Peter B Butler

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