Pinterest Presale blurb

Pinterest-Logo-100The package includes:

  • Pinterest Branded Account Setup
  • Pinterest Branded Optimisation
  • Your Business Branding throughout
  • Engaging introduction to you and your business – Brief Business Bio
  • Your Core Business Website link in your profile (verified account)
  • Twitter link in your profile (business account if you have one)
  • Business URL (unique branded website address) extension
  • Business Account Analytics Tracking (your tech team can insert the verification code)
  • Showcase 5 ‘Boards’ setup (the minimum we recommend)
  • Load the ‘Boards’ with 10 images each to showcase your products and/or services
  • Your GEO Location Online
  • Twitter Quick Link Setup
  • Browser Quick Capture Board Share Tool (and how to use it)
  • Backlinks to your Website and specific Web Pages within your ‘boards’
  • Smarter Social Media ‘Pinners Profit Guide To Success’ Manual
  • 1 Month FREE ‘Smarter Social Media Club’ (Full Access to LinkedIn, Facebook, Google +, Twitter, YouTube, APPS, Social Tools, Desktop Tools, Collaboration Tools, SEO Tips,  Webinars & Updates & How To’s) – (1/2 Price 27.50 month ongoing – Optional)

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