Even if you’re not a Facebook fan or user yourself…

…your clients are!

And if you don’t position your business NOW with a Facebook Business Page… you WILL get left behind!

The Facebook community has over 900 million members and over 11 million are Australians.

These people buy online every second…

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  • Did you know the biggest growing group are the baby boomers? (and they have the most money)
  • Did you know the biggest online shoppers are the Gen Y group? (and they teach the baby boomers – and sometimes use their money)


If it’s simpler and cheaper than building a new website shouldn’t you jump on board?

BEFORE Your Competition Does! You need to share in this new phenomenon before you lose any more of your market share.

Whether you’re a successful established business, a start-up business, solo entrepreneur or run a team you NEED to be ahead of YOUR competition. Don’t get left behind, seriously!

facebook business pageEven if you do have a Facebook Business Page already, if it’s not OPTIMISED it won’t work like it should, or could.

Even if your Facebook Business Page is set up do you know how to ‘Drive’ it for maximum results?

Peter and the Smarter websites team help business owners grow their business using the power of websites and blogging and ‘majors’ in lead generation, client qualification and social media marketing.

Client Feedback.

[note color=”#B8E9FF”]Loved the hands on approach with the Profit from Facebook Business Page session as it makes it a lot easier to retain the information. I can not wait to put more into action from what I learnt today. Small Business Centre Rockingham Kwinana[/note]

[note color=”#B8E9FF”]Finally someone who actually helps decode the mysteries of FaceBook from both a personal and professional point of view. So refreshing to work with Peter from Smarter Websites, who displays such relaxed professionalism and a depth of knowledge that inspires confidence, action and productivity. Paul Counsel – Wealth Mastery[/note]

And here’s the outcome one client has had already.

[note color=”#B8E9FF”]One client generated one new lead simply from a client testimonials on Facebook, that resulted in $7,000 of business. That in turn then led to a referral which converted into business worth over $20,000 of business.[/note]

[heading style=”2″]’Profit from Your Facebook Business Page’ Package![/heading]

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  • Timeline Compliant ‘Cover Image‘ – You get to have a full size header panel just like on your website BUT we make sure comply with FB policy
  • New ‘Profile Thumbnail’ Image – Your opportunity to increase your branding and connection with the world on every status update
  • Custom ‘Page Tabs’ up to 3) – Just like on your website these have a high profile position (Page tabs are under the cover page to the right) You can edit with graphics, offers and calls to action (FB policy compliant)
  • All Graphics Pre-Loaded into your Facebook Business Page (1 Graphics review/edit)
  • FULLY Optimised Facebook Business Page Configuration
  • Install Custom ‘Reviews’ APP to show off your client reviews to the world
  • Install Custom ‘Contact’ APP so it’s easy for clients to contact you
  • Install ‘Suggest to Friends’ APP for easy ‘like’ sharing
  • Install Custom ‘YouTube’ APP so your YouTube videos get posted to your FB Business Page automatically
  • Branded YouTube Background for branding integrity
  • Install Custom ‘Newsletter Sign Up Page’ APP (if required) (Email software req)
  • Comprehensive ‘How To Drive It’ Workbook – Exclusive to Smarter Websites Clients


[heading style=”2″]Our NEW ‘BONUS’ APPS![/heading]
New ‘Reviews App‘ – Facebook in their infinite wisdom (sarcasm intended) removed the built in FB Reviews App.

And given that “What others say about you is infinitely more powerful than what you say about yourself’ you can use this New ‘Reviews App‘ so you can showcase your clients raves and reviews of your outstanding service on your new FB Timeline Business Page.

‘Contact App’ – Make it EASY for people to get hold of you so give them multiple ways to contact you. Pre-set up to email you through a built in contact form, be professional.

‘YouTube’ APP – so whenever you add a new video to your YouTube account it will automatically get fed to your FB Business Page

‘Suggest to Friends’ – Help build your audience. Facebook took this feature away last year, it was being probably being abused. But we can set this up so you can politely ask your friends to ‘like’ your page to increase your ‘reach’.

[heading style=”2″]Strategy and Driving Session![/heading]

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  • Smarter Social Media ‘One to One’ 2 hour Strategy and Driving Session
  • Learn how to effectively use the ‘Pin to Top’ feature, the ‘Milestone’ feature, the ‘Highlight’ feature to showcase, to build credibilty, to brand in the public arena on your timeline for maximum and powerfully results
  • ‘Insights’ – Find out more about the details of your ‘engaged’ audience than you thought possible
  • Support – use our Facebook Business Page wall to learn and leverage from both us and our members new best practices and emerging trends


You either need to know more or are ready to get this show on the road.

So what now? When are you going to start? If not right now then when?

You can do one of two things to get started:

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  • Pick up the phone and ring 08 9439 2820 to speak to a team member
  • Click on the button below to contact us


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