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Let’s get you online with your new Niche Domain Mini SEO Website. This new site will help to strengthen your ranking position of your core business website and also drive traffic between your sites. It will also increase the backlinks (links in) to your main site. And all going well you’ll be on page 1 in Google.

We need to collate the info we need to build this site in one build session. So please do be thorough as you can and fill out this build brief in its entirety.

Any missing content or information is your responsibility to add to the site after handover, however the more accurate you are now the less likely that is.

We operate on the mantra that 70% is good to go and edits and updates can be done later to further improve and refine your site. Perfection won’t get your site ‘live’ and better to be ‘live and online’ than procrastinate over perfection. You can add and update later anyway.

You can choose from 10 core template colours which you can view below. These colours will only adjust the Title, Link Buttons, Text Links, Hover Links, Categories, Comments, etc – http://www.studiopress.com/demo/nitrous.html – (Look for colours in the menu navigation bar) You will be asked to specify which colour in this brief so make your decision now.

This demo snapshot below will help explain some of the terms, what they mean and where they are. Hope it helps.



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