Business Owners Are You Recruiting Lazy Staff Who

Steal Your Time And Energy and Undermine Your Business?


How to Get the RIGHT Staff Member
The First Time Round


Hi, I'm David Osborne and for many years I've been finding and selecting the best talent in the market for leading companies, many have been some of Australia's fasted growing 100 businesses.-

The best talent means an employee who is competent, culturally compatible (Increases retention) and 100% committed to the achievement of the company's goals.

Are your employee's 100% committed to the achievement of your company's goals? Most aren't, primarily because they are the wrong people for your business.

What I have noticed is that the wrong people know they are underperforming but still turn up for as long as you let them, taking your money and sapping your business confidence, cash flow and credibility.

When I first got started in my career although I had a degree and postgraduate qualifications They didn't prepare me for the numerous and brutal recruitment lessons that come from finding and hiring every day year in year out.

I believe recruitment boot camp lasts at least 5 years, because when you think you have seen everything a candidate will do to get into a position they know they are not suit for - Along comes some bizarre behaviour that is truly out of a movie script.

However my lessons are your GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY………

I have refined my methods over many years and to the point that global companies who even have their own HR departments, call me in the ensure the selection process is done properly.

It is interesting to note that the most successful companies treat recruitment as one of their most important business strategies, and one not to be left to an HR generalist.

….Only a selection specialist can show you how to find and select top performers

A specialist is someone who is dedicated to this one managerial function and who get is it right time and time again.


Why do I care to share my knowledge… because...

If you get the wrong staff,

  • Your business suffers... you suffer
  • Your business does not grow, people are not employed
  • Less money is spent in the community, less tax is raised
  • Less infrastructure is provided and the quality of life is reduced for everyone.

A poor recruitment decision impacts everyone in the community and we all pay the price.

That's why today I'd love to share with you some of the lessons I've learnt and the powerful strategies I've uncovered, so you can avoid the pain of making the same mistakes I did.

I'm offering you the chance to secure your Guide, where I reveal the step by step powerful, proven secrets about how you can hire the right person the first time round…guaranteed. When you put this information into practice, I can tell you from personal experience that you're practically guaranteed to get great results…

If you want great results read on……………

Why Do Business Owners So Often

Get It So Wrong?

An interview has only a 14% likelihood of finding you the right person…..Plus

• 37% of resumes are phony.
• 25% of employees make up their work history.
• 85% of University students have admitted to cheating to obtain a degree.
• 33% of higher education qualifications especially PhD’s are false.(1)

(1)Hughes, T. and Jowitt, M. (1996) ‘Managing people – recruitment, selection and induction’, McGraw Hill Australia p 88


What Is The Impact If You We Making The Wrong Recruitment Decisions?


The Impact On The Employee:

• 20 to 40% of the workforce are engaged in activities that are unproductive and not adding value. (2)

• Less than 10% of businesses regularly survey their customers to measure satisfaction.

• It is up to 15 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one

• Only 3-5% of dissatisfied customers vocalise their concerns.(3)

• Only 4 out of every 11 employees know what their goals are.

• Only 2 of the 11 care what their goals are.

• 9 of the 11 are in some way be competing against their own team. (4)

• 33% of disengaged workers wanted to stay with their company for five years.

A Microsoft survey of 38000 employees in 2006 suggested that 50% of employees believed they are in the wrong job and they are just biding their time till they find another job.

The same study found that employees admitted that they were only productive 3 out of every 5 working days, and some said they were not productive at all.

Further studies reveal that 62% of the work force is actively disengaged from the workplace that is they do not care about their job, and the company.


(1) Alan Nakervis of Curtin University Research on 992 Australian organizations
(2) Lake. N (1999) The third principle, Business & professional publishing Pty Limited Australia
(3) Emery M (2006) Gauging customer satisfaction levels Australia
(4) Steven Covey (Author of the “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” and “The Leadership Principle”, “The Eight Habit”)

The Impact On Business:

  • 1 Business Fails Every 3 Seconds
  • 80% Of Companies Fail Within 2 Years
  • 96% Of Companies Fail Within 10 Years
  • 33% of employees admit to stealing a product or money from jobs in the last three years.
  • 30% of business failures are directly related to employee theft.(1)

(1)Source: (2003) ‘Public Personnel Management’ - USA Today


The Impact On The Country:

Australia’s Productivity Over The Last 10 Years


2001 - 2011 was “the Lost Decade” with
more than ten years of declining Productivity

Saul Eslake
Grattan Institute


How You Can Recruit The Right Employee The First Time Round………..Guaranteed!


  • Are you concerned your staff might be STEALING from you?
  • Are you concerned your staff might be planning to TAKE your clients and start their own business?
  • Are you DRAINED and BURNT out because you seem to be consistently chasing the staff up to do what they should be doing?
  • Do you have that one staff member that is good at their work but has a TOXIC ATTITUDE?

The Easy To Follow Step By Step Recruitment Programme ….


Is a step by step guide with the done for you templates showing you how you can find the right employee the first time round!

It includes

• The Advert

• The Position’s Goals

• The Position’s Profile

• The Position’s Selection Criteria

• The Resume and Phone Screening Check Sheet

• The Reference Checking Forms

• The Evidence Collecting Form

• The One to One Meeting Check List

• The Interview Questions

• The Deciding Between Two Great Candidates Tool

• The Negligent Hiring Check List

Normally a recruitment company will charge you at least $1500. I am offering you all these templates for $297…..Plus

Free Bonus #1: 12 Unique Strategies to Find Star Employees.” valued at $49.

This book will identify at least 20 ways you can obtain a star employee for little or no money down.

Plus I guarantee you haven’t heard about 90% of these unique ideas.

Free Bonus #2: A 30 Minute Breakthrough Recruitment Coaching Sessions” valued at $275.

I am committed to you getting it right, and I will help you at every step of the way.

These one-on-one phone-coaching sessions with me personally with one of your staff (or you) will ensure that they too can learn and repeat the best methods and techniques for hiring employees in the future.


The Great News!

I have put all the forms I have used you hire great employees, and you can now have all these forms, for the fraction of the cost of employing a recruitment company, or putting up with a dud employee damaging your business from the inside.

Frequently asked questions

1. Can I use this process and template in my business, because my business is different from a large commercial company?

Do you want to become a larger more profitable business? If the answer is yes, then the answer to your question is absolutely yes. Whatever the business you are in, you need to use this selection procedure and these types of templates.

2. Is the process is hard work, am I right?

No, in fact the process is very easy and automatic. When one step is completed you move straight on to the next step, and use the tools provided. It has all been done for you. No a high level thinking is needed to follow the procedure, just good old administrative skills.

3. What happens if I do not have many candidates that move through to the one on one meeting?

Have a look at your advertising and look at the 12 unique strategies to get candidates to apply for your position. If you use four or five of these strategies I guarantee you, you will have lots of candidates to put through the selection process.

4. How do I train one of my staff members to undertake this procedure?

You don’t, we will train them for you, that’s why with this template we have given you some phone coaching time.

5. What happens if after I have seen how diligently you select candidates for companies, I want your company to undertake the recruitment process?

Easy, give us a call and we will undertake everything for you.

6. Do you guarantee this procedure?

Absolutely, if you follow this procedure and you do not obtain the very best applicant, we will give you double your money back.

7. Do I need a really smart and highly qualified staff member to learn and use this process?

No, just someone who is thorough, who understands the importance of following the steps and is committed to undertaking the due diligence required.


Your Satisfaction Is Completely Guaranteed!!

Here’s how…

I am so confident that there is………….

100% Money Back Guarantee…

The Easy To Follow Step By Step Recruitment Programme ….

If You Don’t Take Advantage Of This
Fabulous Opportunity Now Nothing Will Change!


The next step is action.

I'm looking forward to working with you as my new valued customer and solving your recruitment and selection problems.

Warm Regards,

David Osborne

P.S. Most recruitment campaigns can cost you between $5500 and $7000 if you use a recruitment agency. Do you want a Profitable Personnel or just another body that is busy but unproductive?

P. P. S. Let's just look at what a dud employee might cost you,

33% of employees admit to stealing a product or money from jobs in the last three years.

Business loose on average 1%-2% of gross sales

30% of business failures are due to poor hiring practices

Don’t you think getting the right employee is important?

P.P.P.S. 2012 is the last year you will have one on one coaching with me someone who has been in the recruitment trenches obtaining great results.

Let us remember here the benefits of using a diligent selection process.

30% of a manager’s time is spent dealing with conflict.

67% of job applicants and resumes in the U.S. contain misrepresentations

Do you think getting the right employee is important?

P.P.P.P.S. The Profitable Personnel recruitment process is unique because it understands that recruitment data-bases only provide candidates, they DO NOT provide vigorous selection, and if you get it wrong it will cost you dearly.

American retail employees stole $10.4 billion in a one-year period

79% of all negligent hiring suits and the average jury plaintiff award in employment lawsuit cases continues to be in excess of $1.6 million!

Don't be a victim start to select your new employee the right way

P.P.P.P. S. According to a national survey, American retail employees stole $10.4 billion in a one-year period (University of Florida). Business Insurance USA Today reveals that employers lose 79% of all negligent hiring suits and the average jury plaintiff award in employment lawsuit cases continues to be in excess of $1.6 million! Damages are awarded against employers because of the employer's negligence and failure to perform a reasonable search into the employee's background prior to hiring.

Do you think getting the right employee is important?

“The most serious mistakes are not being made as a result of wrong answers.

The truly dangerous thing is asking the wrong question”.

Peter F. Drucker

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