Niched Info Products

We can custom design and create an information sales and marketing product specifically for you and your industry.

So far we have created products for these industry's and markets:

  • Retailers
  • Fashion Industry
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Lead Generation on Steroids
  • Hair and Beauty Salons
  • Yellow Pages Advertising
  • Salon & Spa Yellow Pages Advertising Secrets
  • An Automotive Marketing System is currently underway
  • Private Investigative and Surveillance system - currently being written by the owner of the business using our modules. This has to be the cheapest way for you to get you and your system to the market.

So you can see there is no limit to the adaptability of what we do.

Who Wants to have Their Own Unique

Sales, Marketing or Information System

for Your Business or Industry

and "You Become the Guru and Wizard"?

This not some generic sales, marketing and information system.

We take our proprietry and copyrighted sales, marketing and information modules and with your unique twist or content we will customize this to produce YOUR own Personally Brandable Sales, Marketing and Information products OR you can take our modules and go the "Do It Yourself" model and save yourself a fortune.

Imagine this!

This is a "Branded by You" System!

It has Published by:

You Don't have to Pay Royalties! You Own the License!

You have total control of this product because it's Yours.

This is a Premium Service afforded only to Leaders in their Field.

grow_circle-logo-white-1-300x300"The Modules, Design and Format in the Niched Marketing System make it so simple and easy for clients to follow. This system is all about implementation and your clients getting results. It delivers."
Marie Broderick of Grow Marketing WA

To Find Out How You Can Get Your Very Own Sales, Marketing and Information System so
"You are the Guru and Wizard"!

martin-dayI have just received Peter’s ‘Smarter Marketing System’ which I will be using for my business niche.

I have spent ages looking for a system that is almost the ‘done for me’ model – all I have to do is choose the modules that tie in to my niche and personalise it. I like your term - to "Martinise" it, and it will be so easy for me to add my personality into this and creat my own system in no time.

I am confident that it will generate me heaps of success and money into my bank account. Peter’s system is really easy to use and the content and style is extremely comprehensive and laid out in a user friendly and logical sequence. Peter has excelled himself with layout of the modules and chapters. He has also helped me with telephone support and ideas and has acted in an efficient and professional manner.

I can now place a time line on my business ‘mission’ thanks to Peter; so if you are in a similar position as I was before I purchased the pack, then don’t hesitate – make a decision to get it NOW! Will update you on my progress.

Martin Day

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