Just a heads up, we’re changing our business structure across to our new Pty Ltd and Trust setup.

No action required by you – THANKS FOR CONFIRMING 

Oh, one other thing, what we’ve always called our ‘membership’ we’ll now refer to as ‘managed support services’. It’s really only a name change and more accurately reflects what that service actually is. Again, no action needed by you. Our stellar support, hosting, website administration management and service will continue as always.

So you can see the detail of our new managed support right here, there are some extra options that may suit you –


Last thing, in the land of www the world evolves, we’ve just relaunched www.SmarterWebsites.com.au – Our website was sort of like the mechanics car, always last to be worked on, so neglected 🙁

If you think your website is looking a little ‘dated’ and needs a refresh, then simply fill in our ‘Project Insight’ form right here >


Or call the office on 08 9439 2820

Trust all is well in your world and you’re out there kicking some goals.

Best Regards,

Peter B Butler

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