The bookkeeper is responsible for the correct data entry of all banking transactions for Smarter Enterprises on a monthly basis.

The correct GST rulings apply regarding claiming of expenses both local and international as well as income from local and international sources.  The allocation of income and expenses to accounts are largely dependent on the correct account allocation and departments (based on predetermined budget) and this must be followed strictly. Past records are available.

A full Debtors account is maintained and reconciled monthly with new invoices raised and progress payments from clients (specifically regarding Websites). The correct allocation of these progress payments must be adhered to and the Debtors accounts will be checked on a monthly basis.

They must be ofay with Xero or or show the ability to adapt from another online cloud based accounting package.

Smarter Enterprises use a unique system of tracking their various income streams and expenses and are continually striving to improve their performance and service offerings. We engage the services of a ‘Financial Performance Specialist’ to monitor the performance of our various departments and provide us with up to date KPI reports and analysis.

We are looking for someone that strives to be more than just a data entry bookkeeper but someone who understands good accounting and best practices, and is eager to learn and grow more in the area of Financial Performance for small business.  They must be able to liaise directly with both the Managing Director and the ‘Financial Performance Specialist’, and communicate clearly and easily. Attention to detail is required as a natural skill.

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