Facebook Ads - designed for businesses ready to level up online.

Three options - each with a unique blend. Simple, Simple Plus, and Advanced Levels.

Tailor your approach based on your goals, from basic impact to a full-blown digital presence.

Ready to redefine your digital strategy? Let's not just exist online; let's thrive.

Why Facebook Ads:

Unlock the potential of your business with Facebook Ads! Wondering why you should?

Reach Beyond Boundaries:
Connect with a larger audience and expand your business horizon.

  • Precision Targeting:
    • Pinpoint your ideal customers with laser-focused ad targeting.
  • Boost Brand Visibility:
    • Elevate your brand awareness and stay top-of-mind for your audience.
  • Cost-Effective Marketing:
    • Maximize your budget with flexible and efficient advertising options.

Facebook Ad Requirements:
To ensure seamless integration and optimal performance, here are the key requirements for utilising our Facebook Ads services:

  • CRM System with Integrated Calendar Booking
  • Lead Magnets
  • Nurture Sequence
  • Landing Pages (Blogs, Sales Pages, Service Pages, Case Studies)

Why Are These Requirements Crucial?

Optimized Campaign Performance:

  • A CRM system with integrated tools ensures that your campaigns are finely tuned and aligned with your business objectives.

Targeted Audience Engagement:

  • A compelling lead magnet combined with a well-structured nurture sequence enables you to engage with your audience more effectively, building a strong connection.

Conversion-Driven Landing Pages:

  • Specific landing pages cater to different aspects of your business, guiding potential customers towards conversion and amplifying the impact of your Facebook meeting these requirements, you not only unlock the full potential of your Facebook Ads but also establish a foundation for sustained digital success

Initial Setup and Page Optimisation: $1100 inc GST

  • Fine-tune your Facebook page for maximum impact. This involves:
    • Optimizing visuals
    • Crafting compelling copy
    • Strategically placing elements for a stellar user experience



$275 per month
  • 4 Ad Sets x 4 Ads
  • Front-facing Media ( 4 images)
  • Short & Long Copy
  • Instant Form

Simple Plus

$550 per month
  • 4 Ad Sets x 4 Ads
  • Front-facing Media  (4 images)
  • Videos (4 Talking Head videos with relevant footage to solidify what you are saying )
  • Instant Form Integrated with CRM


$1100 per month
  • 4 Ad Sets x 4 Ads
  • Visuals (Stunning Images)
  • Videos (Talking Head + stock Footage or footage of your projects)
  • Landing Page Funnel Integrated with CRM

Feel free to weigh your options and choose the package that aligns with your business goals!

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