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Building the Machine

Peter B Butler is a serial systemiser. Over thirty-nine years, in four industries and six businesses, Peter's passion has been to build the systems, workflows and processes so he can play in his happy place – 'productising' within the business.

Peter sees many business owners with great knowledge and experience. They can do wondrous things, yet they sell themselves short, or can't close enough deals.


They haven't 'productised' what they do.

They often haven't developed a sustainable, replicable 'system' to cost-effectively and consistently sell their 'widget'.

Peter's goal is to help businesses generate quality, qualified leads through a systemised, automated and personalised approach. To achieve this, he builds 'machines' that attract new business, filter and qualify prospects, and lead potential clients to be 'pre-disposed' to do business with you. By the time they speak with you, they're ready to hug you and do business with you, with credit card in hand.

Peter emphasises the significance of understanding your audience and tailoring your systems to meet their needs precisely. He believes in the power of automation to streamline operations, making sure businesses can focus on what they do best, while the backend works seamlessly.

This approach not only saves time but also ensures a consistent, high-quality experience for every customer, every time.

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With a focus on CRM systems, Peter underscores the necessity of maintaining a detailed, organised database of prospects and customers. This, he believes, is crucial for personalised communication and for nurturing leads through their journey to becoming loyal customers.

Overall, Peter's methods revolve around the core idea of simplification and efficiency, ensuring that businesses not only attract customers but also retain them through a thoughtful, systemised approach. His strategies are about making meaningful connections, leveraging technology for efficiency and ultimately creating a business environment where customers feel understood and valued.

A mantra Peter lives by is

"Imperfect action beats perfect inaction every time"

Just start building out systems, start building your marketing, and start building your machine, then you'll be on the right journey.

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