Glad you signed up for this web hosting manager package, it’s a great deal.

I’ll get a confirmation shortly through Paypal that you’re on the team.

We just need to get your account set up and you’ll be good to go to manage your sites, or sell your own hosting packages.

Not sure if you know this but most web hosting is done on a “Shared Hosting” basis which basically means your website site is on a server with thousands of other websites. This in itself is not an issue for the majority of sites but there are a few distinct advantages of being on a dedicated server.

  • Only my own sites, my client’s sites and now your sites will be on this server, that’s all, just us
  • Increased security
  • Faster back end management
  • Faster website load speeds
  • You can also have a unique IP address to enable SSL certificates (to sell direct from your site)
  • Less chance of issues with site load speeds at peak times
  • Less chance of a hack attack
  • Separate Hard Drive website back ups
  • Huge storage room
  • Enormous amount of bandwidth
  • Dedicated Servers give the best of the best in uptime, guaranteed

Here’s some of the tech spec’s for the tech heads.

Intel Xeon 3040 (Dual Core) processing with a whopping…

4 GB RAM (Yup, amazing I know!)

Unlimited email accounts, sub-domains and all the latest versions of PHP, MySQL,  cPanel and the full range of tools, toys and scripts in Fantastico along with Video and Audio Streaming.

Best Regards,

Peter B Butler



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