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Is Your Website Secure?

By Peter B Butler | May 15, 2017

Does your site have a secure connection online? Really easy to find out if it does. Does it have a green lock? Open your site now and check up in the address bar Website with NO Green Padlock (No SSL) Website WITH a Green Padlock (Yes SSL) If your website is NOT showing the green padlock, […]

SSL Certificate Warnings by Google start 24 October

By Peter B Butler | October 24, 2017

D Day for SSL Certificate labeling by Chrome is 24th October! The SSL Certificate encrypts the data between your website and your visitors. It ensures that malicious third-parties can’t get their hands on the sensitive data your customers may be typing into your website, such as passwords or credit card details. What are the changes […]

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Is your site using HTTPS yet?

By Peter B Butler | August 2, 2018

On July 24, 2018, Chrome will mark all plain HTTP sites as ‘NOT SECURE’. Google has given website owners (YOU) six months’ notice of this upcoming change, and it is now LIVE. What happens when someone goes to your website and sees a NOT SECURE warning? They’ll probably leave your website. (At a minumum, it […]

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[WordPress Security] Who is Attacking Your Website and Why

By Peter B Butler | June 25, 2019

People are often shocked when their website gets hacked. Many business owners think that because their website is not a ‘big brand’ website, or maybe because it’s not a high traffic website, that they are safe and hackers wouldn’t be interested … but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Your customers and potential clients […]

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