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Peter loves teaching, sharing his knowledge and regularly runs workshops and presentations on social media marketing and all things online.

Peter is passionate about all things www and websites, especially WordPress and blogging.

After successfully managing his own or others businesses for over 30 years Peter is now on the cutting edge of helping others achieve that same success.

Peter understands the frustration that the entrepreneur goes through as they develop their business and is well positioned to fast track them through to success using his hands on experience he’s applied in his own previous and current businesses and also his own personal online network of over 60 websites.

What we do summary:

We think marketing and function first with websites then smart design. Your website is a marketing tool. It should look smart, help you with your branding but most of all it should pre-sell ‘your business’. Your website should deliver warm prospects to your front door or phone all keen and ready to do business with you.

This is the only ‘marketing industry’ segment I’ve seen where people are prepared to invest money without a clear objective of getting a return on investment. We build lead generating WordPress websites for professionals and small businesses. We create marketing machines.

Some of my Awards:

• Nominated “Business Person of the Year” with Rockingham Chamber of Commerce

• Awarded Rotary’s “Pride of Workmanship” Award

• A whole gambit of company milestones & Performance Achievement Awards

• Past Rotarian Member

• Current BNI “Profit Express” member

• Constant Rave reviews and testimonials from clients

I’ve worked with some of WA’s great icons: (and some of my achievements along the way)

• Noel Featherby, Founder of Toms Tyres – 191% increase in nett profit within 14 months

• Ian Diffen of Ian Diffen Tyres Rockingham – Tripled Gross T/O with 3 years & doubled staff, nominated for local Chamber of Commerce business award.

• Barry Waldeck – Fraser Nursery. Redesigned and transformed shade nursery

• Neville Passmore – Managed ‘Blossoms Nursery’ & set up a “Waldeck” Franchise

I’ve authored & developed these Systems, Manuals & Programs:

• “Yellow Pages Advertising Secrets”

• “Salon & Spa Yellow Pages Advertising Secrets” – released in Australia and NZ, USA, Canada, UK and Ireland

• “StreetSmart Retail Profits” Marketing Program

• “Smart Fashion Marketing Secrets” for Mark Fregnan of Kinetic Media

• “Auto Profits” Marketing Systems for Carl Smith of All Heads Services

• “Smarter Business Profits” System

I managed the worldwide coaching program and ‘coached the coaches’ for Greg Milner of Worldwide Salon Marketing (there’s a successful company, start up to $4 million in 4 years)

• I implemented and managed the outbound Marketing Coaching Program to 400 Inner Circle members worldwide

• Personally handled coaching 120 clients on a monthly basis

• I trained the trainers in both the marketing and the systems

• In 12 months I personally managed 3523 coaching and teleseminar calls

• Coached the coaches and distributors in the UK, Ireland, US and Canada

 Now Peter helps business owners achieve that same success through his Smarter Websites Membership Program.

Other Achievements:

In October 2009 Peter was asked to manage the marketing and online presence for Wilderness Island. Wilderness Island is a fishing and ecological paradise in Exmouth Gulf in North West Australia that offers small groups an exclusive and unforgettable experience on their own private island.

They’ve been featured on the National TV Series ‘Fishing Australia’ and ‘Just Add Water’ on Channel 9. They have also received wide publicity from National and Local Publications such as ‘Western Angler’, ‘Snagged’ – Western Australia’s Fishing Magazine, featured in the ‘Skywest Out-There’ in flight magazine, and RM Williams ‘Outback’ Oct/Nov 2010 and also ‘Fishing Wild’ so no shortage of media coverage

Trouble is they were never in a position to maximize the leverage and full potential from this media coverage. Peter is now a partner with Jim Alston of Wilderness Island and manages their online marketing.

Peter’s favourite statement is – Smart Business Owners Know Where the Next Client Is Coming From! Do You?

It doesn’t matter what I say about me, it’s what others say that matters!

 Here are some rave reviews from clients.


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