Attention Professionals and Business Owners!

Your website is your online ‘doorway’ to growing your business and should serve 2 purposes:

  • To help you get more customers, more sales and new clients
  • To keep your existing clients engaged, coming back and also referring other new clients

Your website is a marketing tool. It should look smart, help you with your branding but most of all it should pre-sell ‘your business’. Your website should deliver warm prospects to your front door or phone all keen and ready to do business with you.

Look, there’s a web developer on every corner… and a graphics designer on every other corner.

All with a bent to make graphically gorgeous websites that rarely rank well, don’t get much traffic and consequently don’t get you many new clients or sales. And it can be a pain and expensive when you want to make changes and updates. Or there are the “this many pages for that much money” web guys.

All producing what I call “online brochure” style websites that fail miserably in engaging new clients and building your business.

Regardless of where you are on the ladder of success the Smarter Websites solution works for ALL professionals and business owners. See How Here >>>

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