Month: April 2013

7 Reasons Why You Should Have a Marketing Budget For Web Video Before June 30

By Peter B Butler | April 22, 2013

As we draw closer to the end of another financial year, business owners find themselves doing two things with their marketing budgets. 1. Prioritising last minute tax deductible marketing investments 2. Planning their marketing budgets for next financial year Whatever category you fall into, this post will explain 7 reasons […]

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Hackers Having a Field Day In WordPress

By Peter B Butler | April 16, 2013

There’s a group of hackers running amok with WordPress and Joomla. Why do hackers hack? Damn good question, a few reasons. Sometimes it’s to install a link or a script into your website that points to a website of theirs, other times it seems they do it because they can? […]

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