Month: October 2009

What Is Up With .au Domain Pricing?

By Peter B Butler | October 30, 2009

Had a client who was getting ripped off for his domain name registration. To the  tune of  over $100. Ouch! He had a quite a few domains registered and we’d rebuilt some of his websites and well, I was getting confused because they were registered with different companies. I suggested […]

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Beware the “Server Upgrade” Spam Email

By Peter B Butler | October 24, 2009

I’ve just upgraded our web hosting service to a “Dedicated Server” for all my websites, both my mine any clients. It was ironic that just after this upgrade this email came in from a client but first… Why did we upgrade? Security is one reason plus storage, speed and bandwidth […]

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SEO Results – “WordPress” site and a “Normal” site.

By Peter B Butler | October 23, 2009

Here is an exact “You See the Results For Yourself” SEO difference between a “WordPress” site and a “Normal” site. A colleague and friend Tony was building his new membership card website using dreamweaver on a test domain of http://clubredonline.net/ He was spending so much time with all the tech […]

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New WordPress Update 2.8.5 Is Out

By Peter B Butler | October 22, 2009

I’ve been keeping an eye out for the next version of WordPress. They’ve been doing beta testing on 2.9 but lo and behold they’ve done a mini update in the form of 2.8.5 – these guys are so committed to security. According to the official WordPress blog this is not […]

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What Do Emails, Big Fish and Being An Entrepreneur Have In Common?

By Peter B Butler | October 14, 2009

As time goes on we tend to build up a list of people we “follow” via email. Some of the people I subscribe to are mentors, some are clients and some are friends and colleagues. I follow a few to use as models for either myself or a client. Hey, […]

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