New Design Elements You Need To Know for the Ultimate Killer Modern Website

  • A FULL homepage redesign
  • It will look schmick on a mobile device
  • You’ll get more engagement
  • So longer website visit times
  • You'll get more click throughs (people clicking on different sections)
  • So more web pages visited

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Airpro Perth - Before

Your website is getting old and outdated.

Much like us (ouch), we’re all aging, a few more wrinkles, perhaps not quite as agile ?

Since first building your website it’s likely your business has evolved, maybe how you do business, maybe who your ‘A’ grade client is, perhaps your services have evolved, or maybe you now have more of a specific focus.

I can tell you this, technology has evolved big time.

The way we build a website homepage has developed dramatically…

They load quicker (Google loves that), they look better on a mobile device (more peeps are using mobiles), and they showcase your branding so much sharper.

Before & After Showcase

You WILL NEVER Need a Website Rebuild Ever Again!

Once your Homepage REDESIGN and REFRESH is done...

What happens when you want to do another update, or edit?

With 'Smart Page Builder' it's SO EASY now!

Being the GAME CHANGER this is, I thought a video on a LIVE website ‘refresh and update’ might show this better.

Your NEW Website: Easy to self-manage, simple to edit, and a cinch to future update! Watch the VIDEO Below

  • Need to add a whole new section? Easy.
  • Want to change the images? Even easier!
  • Want to insert a testimonial? Yup, got a widget for that too.
  • Want to update or add social buttons? So simple.
  • Need an FAQ section? Now that is sexy, and easy!


All edits can be done ‘on the fly’ which means ALL future updates and changes can be done so easily. By 'on the fly' I mean it can be done 'live' so no issues, one minute it look like 'this' and next minute it looks like 'that'.

So Your Website is FULLY 'Future Proofed'!

So How Much For ALL This?

This is NOT a big spend, you’ll be seriously amazed at this.

How Much: You know me, I cut to the chase... drum roll please... 2750 (* simple conditions apply) inc GST.

The project scope for this is $3850. So at 2750 you SAVE a MASSIVE $1100!


1) Because we value you as a client
2) Because you will get better online results so you'll love us more
3) The more you love us, the more likely you'll tell others about us

So this deal is ONLY for existing clients!

But ONLY at this rate IF YOU ACT NOW! Seriously!

Yes, only 2750 * for the FULL Homepage REDESIGN and REFRESH! (Full listed details below). All it takes is a deposit of ONLY 1100 and 3 monthly payments of 550 and you're IN. That's it, thats all. I couldn't make it more affordable than that right, this is a ridiculous offer.

Oh, this is not a milestone project, as in, we’re not waiting to be fully paid for before we go live.

We’ll be live within the week! (once we have what we need)

We call it... ‘Live in Five’...

BUT, we're only able to take on 4 per month.

AND, I don't know how long I will keep this special offer going, like really. This is an absolute bargain, it really is. We're going to ramp up our marketing using our new 'Smart Page Builder' tools, BUT not at this special $$$ rate of 2750.

Plus you need to know - this is a special offer for existing clients ONLY!

So, do not miss out, first in best dressed as they say!

Dwayne from Golden West Security was the first in and it certainly worked for them...

Your existing website?

  • So how old and faded are you looking?
  • What message is that sending to your clients and prospects?
  • Want to take advantage of this great offer?

You need to bring your website into 2018!

What do you get?

  • Full Homepage Redesign and Refresh
  • Fully Mobile Responsive and Mobile Friendly
  • Full Software Installation and Setup
  • Stock Image Library Access
  • Call Now button when viewed on mobile (increase call rate)

End Game:

You site will look sharper, more modern, and it will perform better, PLUS...

  • It will look schmick on a mobile device
  • You’ll get more engagement
  • So longer website visit times
  • You'll get more click throughs
    (people clicking on different sections)
  • So more web pages visited

All giving you brownie points with Google.

This is an awesome offer so seriously, don’t hesitate even for a moment.

Pick up the phone, fill in the form, and lets get you redesigned and refreshed now.

Some Clients Already on Our Smart Page Builder Platform

Yes, Lock in My Spot in this Redesign and Refresh Offer


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  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Terms and Conditions: (* Simple Conditions Apply > no smoke and mirrors, just clarity)

We ask questions (sorry) and you need to respond in a timely manner. We’ll need some extra info, just respond asap and all will be well.

Brief: The single brief questionnaire for this redesign and upgrade is very simple.

As long as we have everything we need from you, we guarantee to have this homepage redesign and upgrade done within the month (mostly sooner). If it goes past this, it will be because you've dropped the ball, and the 'project creep' clause below will apply.

Our ultimate aim is to have your redesign done and 'live in five' (days), so if you're super responsive, everyone's a winner.

Project creep: If you don't respond in a timely manner, or provide what we need, we will suffer 'project creep' which kills my business. This is  because we spend our time project managing, rather than getting on with the task at hand, making you look good online.

If this happens there will be a 550 levy, end of story, just how it is. The criteria is, we have what we need from you to complete the project within one month of commencing. This is a very cool offer so please help us to deliver this great redesign and upgrade package on budget.

Images: We have a stock library, images from this library are included, no extra charge, or you can supply your own images. If we need to purchase extra images from an online stock image resource (you get to help choose) we’ll get them for you at wholesale rates. Bargain hey!

Homepage redesign: The upgrade and website redesign and refresh applies to the homepage, not individual pages. We can add specific page by page styling as well, which is pretty cool, but we’d need to scope that in as extra works if you choose to do that.

Sections: We will create up to 7 'sections' on your new homepage redesign. This is more than ample for most websites. As an example, this website uses only 7 sections >

Web page limit: This is limited to websites with about 20 pages or so. We're a little flexible here, but if your web page content is way above this there may be a levy to cover the conversion of the extra pages to Smart Page Builder.

Rounds of edits: Once we have the brief response from you, we'll then create the live mockup of your new homepage based on that. We will do 2 rounds of fine tune edits to get it right. For further rounds of edits, versions or updates you will need to purchase a time block. Sometimes it's like we unleash the creative monster in you, so this is to cover the cost of that beast being unleashed past what we originally scope together.

Contact forms: Any contact forms needed within this project have to already pre-exist, and probably do already. This T & C is simply added so we're both clear on this. If you need extra forms created we'd love to, we'll just scope it in as extra works.

We think our T & C are fair given how good a deal this is, and we're sure you agree, happy days 🙂

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