Month: June 2017

Work Smarter

By Peter B Butler | June 20, 2017
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Shazam Window Cleaning

By Peter B Butler | June 8, 2017
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Make Sure You Have the ‘Ultimate Email Signature’

By Peter B Butler | June 5, 2017

Don’t let your email signature be a ‘blind spot’ for you. It actually really can make all the difference in building your business. [magicactionbox id=”12584″] If at a minimum, this helps you get more click throughs to your website, and that’s from qualified people. So they’re likely to stay longer […]

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Anatomy of a Good Email Signature: Summary

By Peter B Butler | June 5, 2017

Graphics & Design: No links in a main image, unless it’s your main web link and it’s obvious it is (Like Mark Fregnan’s in the video) Sharp images, not blurry graphics Size, not too big or small Mugshot, your photo for personalisation, and confidence, trust factor No links in the […]

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