Ultimate Killer Element 9

Most business owners seem to have the 'build it and they will come' attitude when it comes to their website.

"I'm on the internet now, so where are all the peoples, where's the money?"

It’s easy to become disillusioned and think this website and 'internet' thing is over-rated and it can be like a dead duck,

if you don't have an effective and precise plan to bring people to your site.

The Danger of Failing to Have a Clear 'Offline to Online' Marketing Strategy.

Although there is merit to social media, SEO (search engine optimisation), Facebook Ads, Google Adwords and Video, etc. They all have their place in your online strategies, however, even when the planets align and all these elements are in play most people forget one of the best means of getting online traffic is offline marketing.

Yep, do the rest but why not tap into a hugely untapped source of offline prospects?

What does 'offline' marketing mean?

'Offline' marketing includes anything that is not on the internet so that might be any print media, referral programs, radio, direct mail, etc.

Networking is another.

Here’s the thing – we all network in some fashion. When we meet people, buy from stores, any interaction could be a network opportunity to direct people to your site.

The bonus is you don’t have to 'do a sell' – you just simply tell people. This is about building a list of people who may be interested in what you have to offer, or know someone who may benefit from what you do, at some point in time. We all want to 'buy' but we just don't want to be sold too.

Let’s say you’re Mr Mortgage Broker, and you're at an open networking event, and Mr Bojangles tells you about his 26 year old son and girlfriend who want to get out of the rent trap, they have some cash for a deposit but not sure of the best way to get into the market.

You have a free report called 'The Ultimate First Home Buyers Guide' that will answer ALL of their questions and "Would he like you to send through a copy of this for them?"

You get both his email and contact details, and theirs, and all of a sudden you've added 2 new people to your marketing 'funnel'.

In 'Ultimate Killer Element 6' we covered how powerful this is on a website BUT it's even more powerful in this 'offline' scenario.

The credibility for you is massive, and the opportunity to foster this new found connection into a trusting relationship is now enhanced.

Can you see that 'adding value' to others is infinitely more powerful than trying to do a 'sell'?

Don't underestimate the power of this, ever. You're not going to get a flood of traffic but you are building a good quality database that increases your circle of influence.

Here's another scenario - you're a member of a professional networking group, say BNI (Business Network International) and you’re visiting another 'chapter'. In the 60 second spiel you give your beautifully articulated 'Elevator Pitch' which includes a direction for your 'report' from your site. You hand out your business card, which has the same 'call to action' and 4 out of the 25 people in that chapter take you up on your 'offer' and go to your site and opt in.

Let’s say your numbers are that you convert 1 in 4 prospects to a client – that means you just got another deal across the line. Yippee! And all so easy.

This gives you a distinct competitive advantage over every other business.

With a very specific marketing piece you will even 'pre-qualify' these prospects by the very act of them going to your website, and they then become exposed to your marketing.

What a beautiful thing! Pre-qualified and pre-disposed prospects, it doesn't get any better than that!

Can you see how valid the question is - 'Out of 100 visitors to your website how many are you now able to market to'?

Action Items:

  1. Review Ultimate Killer Element 6 the web page here - Ultimate Killer Element 6
  2. What value can you add in exchange for people's contact details?
  3. What 'add value' languaging will you use to share this with people when you're meeting them one on one or networking?

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