Ultimate Killer Element 8

Most professionals and businesses totally blow this opportunity, and it’s really not rocket science.

Create raving fans that know, like and trust you.

If all you ever do is work hard to get new clients then you’re blowing a golden opportunity to sell to the best client ever – those who have already done business with you! It’s just plain dumb.

Trello For Planning

The trust factor is there, they're confident in your abilities, they give you the least amount of grief, pay on time coz they know the rules, are generally a joy to work with and they will also refer you new business, IF you asked for it.

You've already done the hard work, in getting them and they're already raving fans, so why aren't you communicating with them?

Do you think you'll always be a top of mind thought? - Good luck with that!

Stuff happens, they get busy, they get introduced to someone else.

OMG, they’ve been unfaithful… they’ve actually gone somewhere else! But you allowed it to happen! And you’ll probably never know!

Stay In Touch!

OR, maybe they just needed a nudge, that reminder, that contact with you and they’d have been back on your doorstep.

But No!

You just left them out in the cold, didn’t communicate, didn’t make them any great offers and didn’t even say to them “Hey, what about your friends, family and colleagues, you loved us so much, why not a referral?”

It is so remiss of any business owner to not communicate with their client base. It almost borders on criminal business negligence… again. And it’s not hard, especially today with all the software and programs available.

We’ve taken it one step further. That’s another part of our passion with the platform we use. It’s so easy to do an update to your website and your clients can be automatically emailed or notified. And your clients will love you for it, you’re keeping them in the loop.

We even have our own proprietary email marketing software. Very simple to use yet sophisticated to do advanced marketing! You can see that here - http://www.smartemail.com.au/ (Contact me here for a walkthrough)

When you have all these elements right you’ll be able to hold your head high when you’re asked the question…

“Out of 100 visitors to your website how many are you now able to market too?”

Can you see now how to make your number bigger?

Action Item:

Contemplate this - If you were able to send a message, with a special offer, or just an update to ALL of your past clients do you think that at least a handful would get back in touch with you?

What is that worth to you, in hard cold cash?

What Others Say About Us

is infinitely more profound and powerful than what we say about us.

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