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Most websites you see are what we call 'On-Line Brochure' websites
and they’re based on the 'Branding or Image Style' marketing model.
Nothing wrong with branding, especially if you have the marketing budget
of Coca Cola or Pepsi, but we want results now, right?

Get Action

Most websites fail to achieve a measurable goal because they fail to ask the web visitor to take action. If the goal of your website is to encourage potential new clients to pick up the phone or email you with an enquiry, then you need to be explicit about asking them to take that action.

Direct Response Websites (Get Action) - VS - Online Brochure Style Websites!

Most of these online brochure style websites are filled with empty and meaningless boasts through them.

  • 'Quality Assured!' (How many times have you heard that?)
  • 'We Are The Biggest!' or 'I Provide Great Service!' (Whatever!)
  • 'I Care About Your Business!' (I hope so!)

And the business owners wonder why they don’t get good results online?

What’s wrong with slogans like these?

  • Everyone is saying much the same thing – the 'so what' factor, there are no benefits for the prospect (What’s in it for them?)
  • they don’t make a specific offer or call to action
  • they’re not measurable or trackable

These 'Online Brochure' websites and most 'Corporate' style websites
don’t actually make the phone ring.

Why? Well, to begin with 'quality', 'integrity' and 'service' are all too broad and vague to carry any real meaning and power.
Everyone is saying the same old thing.

Think about the advertising overload that you suffer every day. Do you process all these advertisements? Of course not.
We're all tuning-out more than ever… The fact of the matter is… You can’t make anyone read what they’re NOT interested in. It’s that simple.

People don't want to be sold to. But, obviously they want to buy, or book in, or be helped, they're on your website right?
Successful marketers understand that they must concentrate on a prospects needs and wants.

What keeps them awake at night? What's their pain or problem?

This is where the Direct Response part comes into play.

With effective direct response marketing you GET an ACTION. Connect with them on solving their problem, and make it easy for them to take the next step, then that web visitor just turned into an enquiry. Done properly, this can totally transform how your website performs.

Here’s the big thing. It’s measurable.

  • The 'Online Brochure' website just sits there with the owner hoping that someone will find their website and then call them. Good luck with that!
  • A 'Direct Response' style website is designed that you can run specific marketing pieces and get exact and precise results. This means it is directly measurable for all results with all your marketing.

All results should be directly measurable, always, end of story.


I’m extremely happy that after 8 years, $18,000 and 5 websites built by supposed ‘web experts’ you achieved what I required in one hit. Thank you so much.

Not only did it get built it record time but you really delivered the goods on my new sites functionality. I finally have a website that the search engines love but even better, people are finding it and I can use it to communicate with them. I can actually build a real list because of the way you’ve set it up. I especially love how easy it is for me to write articles and ‘post’ them as I need to.

I also want to thank you for showing me how to use it so clearly and concisely. I appreciate the detail that you go to.

And a special thanks for keeping me up to speed with all the new web tricks and toys as they come online. I know this will all help me stay ahead of my competition.

David Osborne. Profitable Personnel – www.profitablepersonnel.com

'A Footnote on Branding!'

Branding is fine BUT… 'Branding should only come as a consequence of your direct response marketing'.

That means that it is still directly measurable. You know exactly what result you’re having as a result of your marketing and website.

ALL advertising, marketing and results should be directly measurable – all the time, every time.

Action Item:

Identify the action you want your website visitors to take and make sure it is clear and obvious on the homepage and every subsequent page throughout your site.

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