Ultimate Killer Element 2

So you've now reviewed your website with that focus on your 'A' grade client.
You have more of a sense on what will help to inspire them to know that, you are the one they should do business with.
When they come to your website, and pick up the phone to enquire, that's great, exactly what you wanted right?

Sort of!

Here's the thing. When someone comes to your website, and visits only one web page, then leave again, that's considered a 'bounce' by Google. So even though they've contacted you, which is great, you just got a virtual demerit point from Google.

If you can take them on a journey, and cause them to click on a 'doorway' button, and visit more than just the homepage, then you get 'brownie points' from Google.

What journey will you take people on with your website?

Google is all about good user experience. And if someone visits more than one page, obviously your site is giving a good user experience, so you get 'favour' from Google and potentially higher rankings.

The second win is the more pages they visit, the longer they are on your site, so more 'brownie points' with Google, PLUS you're creating prospect or client confidence, authority and most importantly trust.

The more engaged people are, the easier they are to deal with, the easier they actually become clients, because they've become 'predisposed' to do business with you.

People want to do business with people they know, like and trust, that simple.

Your website should deliver warm prospects to your front door or phone, all keen and ready to do business with you.

Does this make sense?

Can you see how crucial this is to get right?

You're positioning yourself as the 'go to' people for your niche or industry.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization for Online Marketing Concept. Modern graphic interface showing symbol of keyword research website promotion by optimize customer searching and analyze market strategy.

Back to the Google 'brownie points' for a moment. This boosts your web rankings, what that means is, Page 1 or closer to Page 1 on Google for your business keywords. This is one part of the new 'Social Signals' with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Stick with me here, this is not techy, it's not social media, it's more of a 'social' signal that your site is engaging, by the user experience, and it's a part of how we can help business owners get better results, just by the way we structure a website to help at every level - engagement, prospect confidence, better enquiry rates, better rankings which means more web visitors so more business.

So there are 2 wins for you here -

  • Boost in prospects becoming 'predisposed' to do business with you, so better quality 'A' grade clients and easier to land as clients
  • Massive 'brownie' points' with Google so more enquiries

So 1 above gives you more of 2, and more of 2 gives you more of 1, and so it goes on. Gotta love that right?

We hope that helps, certainly has for many of our clients.

Action Item:

Imagine (objectively) that you are your own 'A' grade client - is there anything to motivate you to click through to other sections of your website?


Are you actually getting clickthroughs on the 'doorway' buttons on your website? (There are ways to know, speak with us if you're not sure)

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