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I once had a lead from a go getter young lass, let's call her Marika (coz that was her name  ).

She was in my marketing 'funnel' for a few months, then one day I get an email saying she wants to meet. Great, the system is working, nothing better than a plan actually working!

We meet, she's as keen as mustard to get started but needed to deal with a few things before we could get started so we set a time for a follow up in 2 months.

Just before we're due to meet again I get a message she has to defer our meeting, no problem, we reschedule for next month. Short story version is this goes on for 7 months, oh my lordy, I'm about to give up.

It's just coming up to our 5th rescheduled meet and I'm thinking yup, she's bound to cancel, she's a dreamer, or the term I use is, a theorist (theorising about doing 'stuff' but not following through).

Lo and behold, we actually do meet and just had the best briefing session ever, we really connected. Marika then thanks me for my persistence, and she really appreciate me staying in touch and to use her words "Not giving up".

Wow! That just blew me away.

Here I am, thinking she's just a tyre kicker, maybe a dreamer or theorist, but she genuinely had 'stuff' to deal with and just wasn't in the position to move forward.

Big lesson learned. What happened later is an even bigger lesson so keep reading...

Let’s say you've had leads come in, they’ve been to your website, and maybe even responded to your free report. Even now you have their details and you've been marketing to them, they may not have responded as such.

Here’s the thing. Not everyone is ready to buy straight up. They might have just been doing some research or they’re procrastinators. Maybe they’re forward thinkers, maybe they’re just trying to get a sense of price. Lots of reasons for lots of folks!

Research shows it may take up to 7 contacts or 'touches' before a prospect might take you up on your offer or even contact you.

Here’s what typically happens for some business owners. They send a promotion to a prospect and wait for them to respond. The response is usually average and so the strategy is abandoned because the first contact did not create a buyers rush!

But the secret is in the follow up! Remember, you’re taking your new lead on a journey of developing a trusting relationship with you. Each step is designed to strengthen that rapport before turning them into a paying client through a promotional 'benefit driven' offer.

Follow Them
Until They Follow You!

The beauty of the internet and with a Direct Response style of website is that your follow up process can be automated through the effective use of an autoresponder message sequence.  You can quickly and easily craft a follow up system. Let’s say you create a 7 step, 49 day email follow up system.

Getting your advertising or offer in the hands of your prospects 7 times, when using traditional offline marketing methods such as media advertising, direct mail, or flyers is expensive, and time consuming.

By leveraging off your own website you can market to your prospects virtually for free - so following up with them 7 times costs virtually no more than following up with them once.

Use an Email Autoresponder

But you must capture the name
and email address of your prospect first!

Can you imagine how quickly you could increase your clients and your profits if your prospects saw your advertising 7 times more than they do now? And the best part is that it’s all automated. So not only are you following up more regularly... getting your advertising in front of your prospects more often... you’re also doing it all automatically with no extra work at all!

You can also phone them or send them a letter too! We even have an automated 'card' system. Yes, a printed card that gets posted out for around 1.50 and it's personal, with their name, so it makes it very personal, which makes the response rate very high.

Although email is great because it’s very low cost for the software and each send is free it doesn’t always give the greatest response. We have some powerful strategies so your client is willing to share their address and even their phone numbers with you but that’s another conversation.

Want to implement an automated follow up system in your business?

We think it's time to talk, or for you to tell us about your project. Do that here 08 9439 2820 or here

Oh, nearly forgot, the 'bigger' lesson for later?

We went on to build Marika's website, and she was a very happy camper.

So much so, she referred a client to us that has been worth in excess of $100,000 and is still worth around $30,000 a year. Business changer!

Moral of the story, follow them until they follow you.

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