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In the previous post we outlined the power of having a call to action on your website, and the difference between a direct response website and an online brochure style website.

What if they're not ready to take that action yet?

Converting Unknown Web Visitors into Known Prospects

The bigger picture of our website is to generate new leads, that become qualified prospects, and the plan is to convert a good number of those prospects into new clients. This is a numbers game but with this model, the numbers are on our side.

You will have success if you think marketing first and base your website marketing strategy and design on the direct response marketing methodology!

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But first, what does getting new leads and clients look like?

The basic answer is it means you get their details. That could be either their email address, or phone number, or actual address. This is not as hard as most people think.

Let’s backtrack a bit first though.

How did they find your website in the first place?

Primarily there are 3 ways.

  • As a response to a marketing piece of yours, a flyer or an ad, or maybe you directed them there
  • or they’ve been searching the internet and come across your website
  • or they’ve been told about you by someone

Either way they’re checking you out and they may well be ready to use your service or take advantage of the offer in your marketing piece but maybe they’re not quite ready yet.

  • Maybe they're doing their 'due diligence'?
  • Maybe they've been recommended to 2 people, so they're checking you both out first?
  • They're forward thinkers and like to plan ahead so checking you out well in advance

If you think they’ll remember you when they are ready – "Good luck with that!”

So how are you going to make yourself stand out?

Here’s a question I always ask my clients.

“Out of 100 visitors to your website how many are you now able to market to?”

Why would you spend any money on a website or marketing to get people there and then not be able to market to them after they leave? Honestly, this does my head in. It’s insane!

We've all seen the websites with cool tools and all manner of information and products and packages. These 'online libraries', while possibly useful to potential clients, remove any real incentive to contact the website owner to take the enquiry to the next level.

After someone has visited your website, what would you most like them to do?

Call you, or make a booking, but remember, this is in case they're not quite ready yet!

A major step in developing your website is to have a focused, achievable and quantifiable primary goal. What should your primary goal be?

"Get the MAXIMUM number of qualified potential clients to identify themselves when they visit your website."

With this in mind, you can now develop the right content for your site to achieve this goal. First, you need to find a way to get qualified clients to identify themselves.

This can be done simply by providing a Compelling Offer for FREE information or a report. A Great Offer!

For example, a FREE Report on "How To Get Over Procrastination Fast" if you're a Life Coach or "Reduce Your Debt Years Sooner & What the Banks Don't Want You To Know" if you're a Mortgage Broker.

But this information is provided only AFTER they have identified and qualified themselves.

What if you were in Staff Recruitment? You could go with "How To Get the Right Staff the First Time Round & Save Yourself a Lot Of Grief"

If you're a great wedding photographer and you know how easy it is to get a wedding photo shoot wrong - "Don't Risk Your Precious Wedding Memories To Anyone - 7 Key Questions To Making Sure You Get the Right Photographer" and the list goes on.

A bookkeeper could be "5 Signs of a Good Bookkeeper You Need To Know" or a mechanic "3 Questions To Ask BEFORE You Even Book Your Car In".

We can nail one for you too ... hasn't been an industry we haven't yet!

Now, if you contrast this model with the 'library' type of sites. In an attempt to provide a site 'rich in content', the entire text of the report would be found on the website. Why would I contact the business owner when I can simply read the report on his website?

When I'm done, I will leave the site and move on. They will never know I was there!

OK, let’s go back to the question – 'Out of 100 visitors how many am I now able to market to?'

A lot more of those 100 now I’m sure, if you follow these precise steps.

So now we’ve had our visitors identify themselves, great. Some may be ready to do business now but others won’t be ready but you have now started a 'connection' and 'online relationship'.

Action Item:

Identify what information you could provide in exchange for your web visitors contact details. Then phone us on 08 9439 2820.

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