[VIDEO] Game Changer Team Software

[VIDEO below] There are many software tools that help us save time. Old school is excel spread sheets, oh so 90's. Project and task management has gone web 2.0 Trouble is with all this new technology there's the learning curve that goes with using them. That's the part that does my head … [Read more...]

If Sony Got Hacked, How Vulnerable Are You?

Apparently there were 2 hacks, one they’ve recovered from but they’re still down on the gaming side. Sony tells us that there is no exact date when the service will be restored. A lot of people are upset but we should also be grateful, this hack was a timely reminder for all of us. Imagine … [Read more...]

A butcher, a baker and candlestick maker…

I didn’t know how else to start this post. Normally when we publish a new site I write a post so we can show it off. Plus the new site owner gets some traffic by people and the search engines, all a good thing. Trouble is I’ve been so busy doing the “working in my business rather than working … [Read more...]

2 New Deals Just In the First Week!

Since my website has been up and running only 1 week I emailed the link to many of my business contacts, friends and family to show off my fab new website. And in a few days I have already had 2 new deals generated from this! So the website really does work! A big thanks to Peter @ Smarter … [Read more...]

New Client Site Goes Live

Our newest and pleased client's site has just gone live. Ivor's business Perth Software has been in operation since 1985 so he's no newbie. Ivor has had 6 website rebuilds in that time, not a happy chappyat times with his website people. Actually, truth be told, it was going downhill quickly, … [Read more...]

Peter Butler on “Imagine the Stress… being # 7 Web Developer!!!”

Imagine the Stress... being # 7 Web Developer!!! Yup, that means 7 rebuilds on Ivor's website. It seems we have a knack for getting websites right the first time round... and we've had this comment a lot... Why? Marketing focus first followed by design. It's all about getting leads … [Read more...]