Amberwise – Website Rebuild In 8 Days Flat

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‘Secret Weapon of Mass Google Domination’.

Your business website could be about to get a traffic and ranking boost! Being on Page 1 in Google for one or even more keywords is where the real money is! There's lots of 'smoke and mirrors' with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) BUT it doesn't need to be complicated, or expensive. Check out this … [Read more...]

Scope Drafting – 1428% Increase In Web Traffic

If you’ve read this far down we should talk… Simply pick up the phone, we’ll have a quick chat, I’ll send you some ‘stuff’ to look over and we’ll go from there – 0413 733 272 – or use our contact Smarter Websites form. … [Read more...]

Don’t Make This Mistake, It Could Set You Back Years!

My brother had a vision when he was kid to "Live On An Island". I can remember it as clear as yesterday. I just figured it was kid stuff. You know, "When I grow up I'm going to be a policeman or a nurse or fireman". But go figure, my brother has done it! "Harry" Butler, my brother, met Jim … [Read more...]

Get Extra Traffic To Your Website 101.

Here’s one way YOU can increase your online exposure! Last week I did a post on the “Top Social Media Marketing Tool For 2011 Is…” I had 3 direct email responses to that post which was great, love feedback, always good for the ego. 2 are shown below, 1 guy wants to remain anonymous. Here's … [Read more...]

Triple Your Traffic But Halve the Time You Do It In.

Sorry to post so many tests but we're going hard for our Smarter Website clients. We don't do all our tests "live" but sometimes you just need to. Being a Professional or Small Business Owner means you end up working twice as many hours and twice as hard so who's got the time to leverage off … [Read more...]

Who Wants To Triple Your Online Profile & Website Traffic?

... and all on Autopilot - "Send Your Posts Around The World"! We're running some tests this week on some WordPress Plugins that will automatically take your post and send it to your Twitter account. And then if you're like me you'll have your Facebook account linked to your Twitter account so … [Read more...]

New Dynamic Headlines In Your Posts

Feedburner is the service that posts out your web content on Auto Pilot, very sexy. But... it had a limitation! Until earlier this week, if people subscribed to your blog via the Feedburner (NewsLetter Signup) email service, all the subject lines of your emails would be static, containing either … [Read more...]

Who Wants Their Website To Soar Up The Google Charts?

Who Wants Their Website To Soar Up The Google Charts? More traffic, more people, more status, more money, better positioning... Who wants to be known as the "GURU" or the "BEST" and stand out from the crowd? It's just like being in the "A" group at school. Everyone wants to be your friend and … [Read more...]