7 Reasons Why You Should Have a Marketing Budget For Web Video Before June 30

As we draw closer to the end of another financial year, business owners find themselves doing two things with their marketing budgets. 1. Prioritising last minute tax deductible marketing investments 2. Planning their marketing budgets for next financial year Whatever category you fall into, this … [Read more...]

Even if you’re not into Social Media, most of your clients are…

And if you don’t position your business SOON… you WILL get left behind! Is Your FB Business Page ‘Timeline’ Ready? March 30 is Facebook’s biggest and BEST change for business yet! Why? For the first time on Facebook you will have features that a normal website should have. This is … [Read more...]

Google Beta Testing Search Results… On… People In Your Social Circle…

Yup, True Story - On the phone yesterday with John Denton of Business Ready For Sale. We’re both in the same BNI (Business Network International) chapter. Plus we're good mates. I was doing my due diligence on BNI chapter websites and John Googled “BNI Australia”. We were both astounded at … [Read more...]

Get Extra Traffic To Your Website 101.

Here’s one way YOU can increase your online exposure! Last week I did a post on the “Top Social Media Marketing Tool For 2011 Is…” I had 3 direct email responses to that post which was great, love feedback, always good for the ego. 2 are shown below, 1 guy wants to remain anonymous. Here's … [Read more...]

And the Top Social Media Marketing Tool for 2011 is…

Social Media is the new ‘buzz’ and is being touted as this decade’s most cost effective marketing tool with the best ROI. But there is one clear social media winner! With so many options where do you focus your energy first, and most likely your investment to get the best bang for your dollar … [Read more...]

New Supersize Your Social Media Marketing Success! e-series.

The AMI, Australian Marketing Institute run workshops for their members and I was asked to put together a presentation on social media marketing. Practical "to do's for results" for the members was my plan. I get tired of workshops that tell you "what to do" without telling you "how to do it" … [Read more...]

Sharon of S & D Settlements “Goes Live”!

Sharon just wanted to get a web presence. Don't "confuse me" she said. She understood the value of lead generation, after all Sharon is a member of my BNI (Business Network International) group, but she didn't want to go the lead generation route on her website just yet. Sharon also hears me "go … [Read more...]

Social Media Marketing – Will It REALLY Help Your Business?

And the next big question is how? I look at Social Media Marketing in two ways. One I call the hard wired and the other is the soft wired. Let’s just focus on the 2 biggie social media marketing platforms – Twitter and FaceBook and how this hard wired and soft wired concept impacts them. The … [Read more...]

OMG, my Facebook account got hacked… and then suspended.

Are You at Risk? We hear about these things but never really think it’ll happen to us. It just happened to me! I got an email with this as the subject line – “Security Alert from Facebook”. I thought it was a scam, “Yeah right, like I’m going to fall for that one”. This was the opening … [Read more...]

Facebook Name Grab This Weekend

Get YOUR NAMED Facebook account this Saturday Lunch (for Aussie’s) Up until now your Facebook profile link was just random characters like this http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=703908113 That’s memorable… not! For the savvy people you could use the ‘profile to’ application which would look … [Read more...]