2 solid leads in 2 days! How? It’s staring you right in the face…

In May I listed our investment unit with a real estate guy I met when visiting a local BNI chapter. At the chapter meet Paul did a 10 minute presentation and impressed me with not only his local knowledge but his passion for the district. I mean, how do you tell one agent from another, they all … [Read more...]

One Simple Step To Doubling Your Web Leads.

You've got a great looking website, you've got some traffic, you might even have some great lead generation strategies in place. Your website has some brilliant content along with powerful testimonials. All with a bent for a good user experience. So how can you increase your website enquiries … [Read more...]

Don’t Make This Mistake, It Could Set You Back Years!

My brother had a vision when he was kid to "Live On An Island". I can remember it as clear as yesterday. I just figured it was kid stuff. You know, "When I grow up I'm going to be a policeman or a nurse or fireman". But go figure, my brother has done it! "Harry" Butler, my brother, met Jim … [Read more...]

If Your Website Was An ATM? How Much $$$…

Make sure you get your website right, otherwise it's just like peeing upwind... you end up losing and just get wet. So many people look at the investment they make into their marketing as a cost. Ahh, wrong! The 3 Step Website Plan - Get Visitor + Convert Visitor Into Lead + Convert Lead Into … [Read more...]

Who Wants To Triple Your Online Profile & Website Traffic?

... and all on Autopilot - "Send Your Posts Around The World"! We're running some tests this week on some WordPress Plugins that will automatically take your post and send it to your Twitter account. And then if you're like me you'll have your Facebook account linked to your Twitter account so … [Read more...]

Attention: Self Employed Professionals Post

Attention: Self Employed Professionals & Small Business Owners! Are You Attracting Enough New Clients? We professionals and small business owners have 3 things in common... The need for a steady stream of fresh leads and new clients. We love referrals. We love … [Read more...]

New Client Site Goes Live

Our newest and pleased client's site has just gone live. Ivor's business Perth Software has been in operation since 1985 so he's no newbie. Ivor has had 6 website rebuilds in that time, not a happy chappyat times with his website people. Actually, truth be told, it was going downhill quickly, … [Read more...]