2 solid leads in 2 days! How? It’s staring you right in the face…

In May I listed our investment unit with a real estate guy I met when visiting a local BNI chapter. At the chapter meet Paul did a 10 minute presentation and impressed me with not only his local knowledge but his passion for the district. I mean, how do you tell one agent from another, they all … [Read more...]

Simple Tip To Get More Backlinks To Your Website!

I'm really under the pump with helping new clients get their websites up in the Google charts and that reminded me of just one of the simple tips we use to make that happen. It's a no brainer for getting back links to your site, courtesy of Google themselves. Every bit helps and any way you can … [Read more...]

Who Wants To Triple Your Online Profile & Website Traffic?

... and all on Autopilot - "Send Your Posts Around The World"! We're running some tests this week on some WordPress Plugins that will automatically take your post and send it to your Twitter account. And then if you're like me you'll have your Facebook account linked to your Twitter account so … [Read more...]

OMG, my Facebook account got hacked… and then suspended.

Are You at Risk? We hear about these things but never really think it’ll happen to us. It just happened to me! I got an email with this as the subject line – “Security Alert from Facebook”. I thought it was a scam, “Yeah right, like I’m going to fall for that one”. This was the opening … [Read more...]

Attention: Self Employed Professionals Post

Attention: Self Employed Professionals & Small Business Owners! Are You Attracting Enough New Clients? We professionals and small business owners have 3 things in common... The need for a steady stream of fresh leads and new clients. We love referrals. We love … [Read more...]

Facebook Name Grab This Weekend

Get YOUR NAMED Facebook account this Saturday Lunch (for Aussie’s) Up until now your Facebook profile link was just random characters like this http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=703908113 That’s memorable… not! For the savvy people you could use the ‘profile to’ application which would look … [Read more...]