Productivity Solutions

Here's a productivity solution I've set up to keep working even when my butt gets stiff and sore. You can see the video below about my new "stand up" desk. I can be pumping out a post, like this one on "productivity solutions" and I'm so focussed I tend to keep going even after a couple of hours … [Read more...]

Lead Generation with the Free Report Model

Saw the new Jim Carey movie “Yes Man” with my teenage son a couple of weeks back. I wasn’t a Jim Carey fan at all until I saw him in an interview with Oprah a couple of years ago. In fact I was what I would call a ‘non’ fan - I didn’t like the ‘Mask’ movies and I had no time at all for anything … [Read more...]

Who wants to know the one word that gave a 100% rebooking rate?

Who wants to know the one word that gave a 100% rebooking rate? A problem shared by many salon owners is getting their staff to keep those clients rebooking at a great rate. I was on coaching call with Kellie Bowey of Shear Class Hair Studio in Kojonup and she was having an issue with her … [Read more...]

A “Barbarian” or “Brazilian”

You know how some days you’re just a bit flat? Your not on top of the world but you're OK... but then something happens and you realize that you really did need a 'pick me up'. There's gotta be nothing better than a really deep bellied laugh to lift the spirits and change your outlook for the … [Read more...]