Don’t Make This Mistake, It Could Set You Back Years!

My brother had a vision when he was kid to "Live On An Island". I can remember it as clear as yesterday. I just figured it was kid stuff. You know, "When I grow up I'm going to be a policeman or a nurse or fireman". But go figure, my brother has done it! "Harry" Butler, my brother, met Jim … [Read more...]

New Years Eve Site Soars Up The Search Engine Charts

Just a quick update on a site and how, just in one week it has soared up the charts. This was a domain I bought a week before last new years eve. The plan was to generate a heap of traffic and build a list. I used some PC software to build the site in and graphically it was fine but you can … [Read more...]

# 1 Google Rankings in 6 Minutes… or Less!

Today you have a very real chance of becoming the 'King of the Mountain" in your field. Never before has it been easier to position yourself as the "guru" in be in spot # 1. Breaking News - "Real Time Search Engine Results" have begun! (and I have the evidence!) What does that mean? And will … [Read more...]

SEO Results – “WordPress” site and a “Normal” site.

Here is an exact "You See the Results For Yourself" SEO difference between a "WordPress" site and a "Normal" site. A colleague and friend Tony was building his new membership card website using dreamweaver on a test domain of He was spending so much time with all the … [Read more...]