Delta Dental – Page 1 in Google in 3 Weeks

  Contact us if you are looking for Rockingham Web Design … [Read more...]

Hotwash Australia Steps into the New Decade

The Client: The Hotwash Australia mission is to demonstrate to workshops that manual washing of dirty and greasy parts in old-fashioned solvent tanks is expensive to business owners and potentially dangerous to workers.   … [Read more...]

‘Secret Weapon of Mass Google Domination’.

Your business website could be about to get a traffic and ranking boost! Being on Page 1 in Google for one or even more keywords is where the real money is! There's lots of 'smoke and mirrors' with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) BUT it doesn't need to be complicated, or expensive. Check out this … [Read more...]

Google Beta Testing Search Results… On… People In Your Social Circle…

Yup, True Story - On the phone yesterday with John Denton of Business Ready For Sale. We’re both in the same BNI (Business Network International) chapter. Plus we're good mates. I was doing my due diligence on BNI chapter websites and John Googled “BNI Australia”. We were both astounded at … [Read more...]

Blogging for Business

What does that even mean? Blogging simply means adding an article or newsworthy “post” to your website/blog. Why is it such a big thing? Because Google (and other search engines) love it! “Real Time” Search Results Will Have Your Content Soaring the Google Charts... I wrote a post on … [Read more...]

Google ‘Business Centre’ has just become ‘Google Places’.

Google ‘Business Centre’ has just become ‘Google Places’ with an upgrade too. There’s a huge shift to thinking "local" and helping business connect with their audience. More people than ever are using the search engines to find the business they want locally and hey, that makes sense. Its how … [Read more...]

New Years Eve Site Soars Up The Search Engine Charts

Just a quick update on a site and how, just in one week it has soared up the charts. This was a domain I bought a week before last new years eve. The plan was to generate a heap of traffic and build a list. I used some PC software to build the site in and graphically it was fine but you can … [Read more...]

Simple Tip To Get More Backlinks To Your Website!

I'm really under the pump with helping new clients get their websites up in the Google charts and that reminded me of just one of the simple tips we use to make that happen. It's a no brainer for getting back links to your site, courtesy of Google themselves. Every bit helps and any way you can … [Read more...]

# 1 Google Rankings in 6 Minutes… or Less!

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Who Wants Their Website To Soar Up The Google Charts?

Who Wants Their Website To Soar Up The Google Charts? More traffic, more people, more status, more money, better positioning... Who wants to be known as the "GURU" or the "BEST" and stand out from the crowd? It's just like being in the "A" group at school. Everyone wants to be your friend and … [Read more...]