Don’t Do This Unless You Want SPAM, It’s Just Downright Dumb!

The bane of all business owners is Spam. We can waste so much time filtering and dealing with it, even with all the great tools out there. But some people seem to have more of a problem than others. Why? How did they get your email address to start with? Spam bots and email scrapers! I … [Read more...]

Beware the “Server Upgrade” Spam Email

I've just upgraded our web hosting service to a "Dedicated Server" for all my websites, both my mine any clients. It was ironic that just after this upgrade this email came in from a client but first... Why did we upgrade? Security is one reason plus storage, speed and bandwidth is … [Read more...]

What Do Emails, Big Fish and Being An Entrepreneur Have In Common?

As time goes on we tend to build up a list of people we “follow” via email. Some of the people I subscribe to are mentors, some are clients and some are friends and colleagues. I follow a few to use as models for either myself or a client. Hey, don’t mimic everything we see but why reinvent the … [Read more...]

How hard is it to build your list and get other professionals in your “funnel”?

One of the most frustrating things when you’re a professional is to get other professionals and people you meet to sign up for your stuff! List building can be one of the toughest and most arduous tasks in business building. Let’s say you’re at a function and you meet some great prospects. You … [Read more...]

New Dynamic Headlines In Your Posts

Feedburner is the service that posts out your web content on Auto Pilot, very sexy. But... it had a limitation! Until earlier this week, if people subscribed to your blog via the Feedburner (NewsLetter Signup) email service, all the subject lines of your emails would be static, containing either … [Read more...]