In the last 6 days I’ve generated 5 leads and all for free…

True Auto-Pilot Lead Generation…

This model is a traffic generating machine for your website, for positioning yourself as the “go to guru” and above all else – getting website visitors to identify themselves so they actually become leads. It’s then that you’re able to qualify them and they may well become clients.

We all need leads but leads without qualification is useless. Otherwise you spend your life running around in circles trying to “qualify” them.

That’s the whole point in developing a system so your visitors follow a “pathway”. Here’s 3 quick points on that:

  1. Get them to identify themselves. Remember, not everyone is ready to buy now.
  2. By capturing their details you’re able to continue to market to them until they are ready, or at least you’re working on them getting them into some level of trust. You’re developing a relationship with them which is key to your success.
  3. If at some stage they opt out, that’s fine. You’ve saved yourself a heap of time and they’ve “dis-qualified” themselves.

Here’s Mark’s results just in the last week.

“I’ve had my website for 5 years now and have generated a trickle of leads from it – around one per month.”

Since having my site rebuilt by Peter B Butler from Smarter Websites just in the last 6 days I’ve generated 5 leads and all for free.

You were right, this is the way to go with websites and lead generation.

Thanks for coaxing me (actually, beating me into submission) into doing it ‘your’ way.”


Don’t You Just Love It When You’re Right! And Mark’s rapt that I was right.

Mark Fregnan