Start Up Series Website

We have 3 ways of getting you online with a Smarter Website.

Our Smart Business ‘Startup’ series is perfect for new business owners with no previous website, maybe limited funds, or for folk who have a very basic website and want to upgrade to a mobile responsive site with middle of the range features and options.

We have three models with three price points – $1100, $2200 and $3300 – simples…

The beauty of our system is when you want to upgrade later, all you do is pay the difference.

Let’s say you get started with a Smarter1100 model site @ $1100 because you need to actually make money before you invest even more into a site or your business. We can do that.

Then six months later you need more from your website. We have a chat and you decide to upgrade to the Smarter3300 site @ $3300. So how much will that cost?

Only $2200 because it’s an upgrade system, you only ever pay the difference. Make sense?

It’s a great model and business owners love it.

C & B Fit

TC Celebrancy

Work Smarter

PD For Trainers

Magnaflow Bands

Estilo Hotel Group

Rockingham Music

Instro GP

Gwenda Townsend


Perth Family Lawyers

Truck and Car

Turn Around Rejection


Progressive Home Tutors

Editors WA


Faciliators Inner Circle

Baldivis Now






Sureguard Security

Battery Wholesaler

Living Landscaping

Andrew Huffer

Whitegood Traders

Smarter Directory

John Denton

The Automotive Specialist

Cutting Edge Cabinetry

Celsius Air

Cafe Amici

Baldivis Law

Assess and Construct

Art by Marilyn

APE Group

Lamour Hair Design

Leroy Brown Carpentry

Allied Nutrition

African CR

It actually came about out of my frustration after seeing business owners lose money or waste massive amounts of time on a website model that couldn’t be further evolved. To me that was lunacy, nothing worse than being duped or losing that investment and virtually having to start again if you want to upgrade or take your website to the next level, so hence the ‘Smart Business Startup’ Series was born.

Forgot to mention, we also have our ‘Smart Profile’ templated websites, for only $770 which is reserved normally for ‘your name’ domains and websites. Such as as an example. These are limited to the spec’s as shown however it is still fully upgradeable if that works for you.

With the ‘Smart Business Startup’ Series comes an online briefing process with full detail, brief notes, design layout options and automated forms, all included in the pricing.

If you’d like a one on one briefing (phone or face to face) session we can do that too @ only $550 and it includes the briefing session, our marketing nous and expertise, and a follow up session so you get your site to the highest possible level the first time round.

So, to recap, you can get started from as low as $770 and all sites are fully mobile responsive, include the build process, a mobile call now button, your logo, and include graphics at the level selected, ‘doorway’ buttons as per the level selected, the content is loaded, built in gallery and video plugins, and a SPAM free contact us form along with our website security tools.

Hopefully the way we work with business owners makes sense to you, if so we should have a chat.

Call NOW on 08 9439 2820 or contact us here.

We help you get online in the easiest and best value method possible.

All our websites are built on the Genesis Framework which is the best of WordPress. Over 25% of the world’s websites are now built using WordPress, mainly as it’s a full CMS (Content Managed System) and is the easiest web system for business owners to edit, update and manage their own website.

We have a fully managed support service that includes 5 levels of website backups and website security.

We manage ALL the version updates, all the plugin updates, it includes premium plugin licenses and you get 30 minutes of minor tweaks, edits and fixes and support per month.

We also have a ticketing system which tracks any issues so keeps us accountable. Plus, you get access to over 50 video tutorials from how to add images, video’s, gallery’s to how to make a link to SEO training, all built right into the backend of your new website.

It is a very comprehensive support program. All with a bent for you to build your business.

See the full details here – Managed WordPress Support

Your other options are our ‘Custom Branded Website’ series or our ‘Specialist Industry Websites’ series. You can either start there and upgrade there later.

In business one of our biggest considerations is cashflow, doesn’t matter where we are on the ladder of success, cashflow is king. To upgrade is fine once we have proven we have a good business model where there is enough need for our services and sufficient people willing to pay for what is we do then we can lift the ante on our website investment.

Then of course we’ll invest more into our online presence, we just need to ‘stage’ it to suit the cashflow.

Read more about the merit of the Smarter Premium Website Series and the Specialist Website Series.