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How Big Is Your
Online ‘Digital’ Footprint?


Listen in on June 22 Thursday @ 8am (AEST, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne) as Peter demystifies the big term ‘search engine optimisation’ and how to boost your website up the Google charts.

It’s 100% FREE. Plus, the first 3 people to register will get a FREE ‘APB Approved’ Website Audit with a Detailed Debrief!

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You’ll Discover…

  • How to find out what Google knows about your business and what that looks like to your potential customers:

    Google wants to showcase your website to the world, but what’s your website really telling Google about your business? Peter will show you how to check this yourself. (PLUS, you can learn how to check on other builders in your area)

  • The connection between pleasing Google and getting people to our websites:

    Google prefer people-friendly websites that give people a great user experience and deliver the information promised. So how do you make yours a favourite for the algorithm?

  • Why you get queries from people who don’t qualify for your services:

    Peter will talk about the biggest mistakes when optimising a website. Mistakes that don’t help target A-class customers but instead attract tyre kickers.

  • That Google is constantly changing how it helps people find us:

    The bad news is Google is not going to slow down anytime soon. So, what can you do you keep up?

Peter and his team of SEO experts are always rescuing websites that don’t show or struggle to show up in Google search results.

For example, they recently helped a new website, only 2 months old, that wasn’t even showing on Google, no matter what the builder did with it. Peter’s team could tell right away that the site was set to ‘hide’ itself from Google and all search engines, meaning nobody could find the website unless they typed its URL directly.

Imagine the missed opportunities!

This is your chance to learn directly from our SEO expert Peter Butler. Click below to claim your spot if you want to know how to show up on Google, outrank the competition, attract more traffic and crush your goals.

It’s 100% FREE. Plus, the first 3 people to register will get a FREE ‘APB Approved’ Website Audit with a Detailed Debrief!

If you win an audit, Peter will personally sit down with you to for a debrief about your audit results and what they mean for your business.
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