Chalon Performance Consulting Relaunch

Sep 30, 2019

The Client:

Cliff Chalon is the global authority on world-class performance through people and culture.

With over 15 years of working exclusively with senior executives who are responsible for building their organisation’s performance culture, he is a master at generating sophisticated and significant improvements in performance.

Cliff had engaged a high calibre marketing agency to help him rebrand. There was an element of success in that they'd helped him become an author with his book 'Achieving World Class Performance'.

Included in the marketing package was a website, that was seriously lacking from a style and graphics perspective, as well as function, positioning and achievement engagement.

In 3 years not one single lead was generated through the website, nor was one even qualified through the website.

We started with a detailed 1 to 1 Wireframe and Strategy Session to ensure better engagement from the website.

We also considered the wealth of information within the site, and what would help to better position Cliff in the marketplace, and give better conversions.

Start from the ground up with the new functional wireframe website design.

We considered how to better leverage from the vast resources that Cliff has accrued over the years.

The website is now very impressive in style, engagement points and calls to actions.

It's early days yet but already Cliff is more confident that it will achieve the outcomes he needs.

The Before and After:

This is how the website displays on a PC



The Praise:


Occasionally, you have an experience that is worth noting and sharing! Such was the case in the recent re-design of my website www.chalonpc.com. I needed someone who could translate my ideas into technical terms/features that would help my business to readily attract and engage prospective clients.

The management consultant space is crowded and with many good players too. It pays to stand out from the rest – but how? I have taken steps in recent times to establish my expertise and authority in my niche. But all this work was not drawing the traffic to my existing website.

Enter Peter and the Smarter Website team. A short phone call and a quick assessment of my requirements proved that my anxiety and that ‘something is missing feeling’ was real and palpable. But more than that Peter explained precisely how things would be improved.

I engaged the team almost immediately! Over the space of just 2 months the SW team went to work on my existing website and essentially, cleaned up the non-performing features and content, revised the layout, re-positioned vital content that had been languishing and re-focused/re-built the CTA section.

The result is website that looks and works as it should! Throughout the design phase the team was fully accessible, and communication was on point and timely. Feedback from prospects, clients and colleagues is very positive. This whole experience has been satisfying and beneficial in so many ways. Thanks SW team!

I fully commend Peter and the Smarter Websites team for your website development needs.

The Package:

Services/Modules Used to Solve the Problem

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