Is This the #1 Key to Getting Quality Leads & Closing High Margin Building Contracts?

"Watch what Russ Stephens, co-founder of APB says below"


Why do so many clients choose bad builders?

It's maddening. You pour your heart into each project, and yet, in the vast digital marketplace, you feel invisible.

With misconceptions rampant, and project home builders churning out their cookie-cutter offerings via bait and switch tactics, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle.

Here’s the problem: Years ago, clients would call 3 builders out of the Yellow Pages, and meet with one before making their decision… 

The winds of change have ushered in a digitally-empowered clientele. Before they even think to pick up a phone or draft an email inquiry, prospective clients are hard at work, combing the internet for insights, answers, and assurance. This means…

Today Your Online Presence is Your Front-Line Salesperson, and Many Builders are Not Getting the Phone Call in the First Place

And that’s not just hearsay - according to the State of Residential Construction Industry Annual Report 2023, 40.4% of builders pin their primary struggle on one pivotal aspect: generating quality leads.

Delve deeper and the report reveals a startling oversight— while most builders indeed have a digital footprint, an overwhelming majority are not tapping into its vast potential.

Over half remain conspicuously silent on platforms like Facebook—a virtual goldmine for connecting with their audience.

Even more alarming, a striking 64.1% neglect to share articles or blogs.

Meanwhile, your prospective client is worrying about escalating costs, agonising over potential communication voids, and has nagging doubts about construction quality and timelines. Not to mention an often-intimidating fear about the perceived labyrinth that is the custom building process.

Are you online to answer their questions, and catapult yourself from a mere builder to a recognized industry authority?

Or are you invisible?

In the age where information reigns supreme, your expertise isn't solely displayed on the ground, but in the digital realm as well.

Every article not written, every post not shared, is a missed opportunity to not only generate leads but to cement your business as a leader in a highly competitive industry.

So, is your digital ambassador world-class, capturing the essence of your craft and delivering quality leads to your door? 

Or is it an apprentice, still learning the ropes and failing to make the right impression?

If you're ready to transform your digital struggles into opportunities, it's time to refine your message and elevate your online persona. 

Remember, in the vast sea of builders, it's not the loudest who gets heard, but the one whose message resonates.


The Battleground Has Shifted

While builders might pride themselves on an impressive closing rate once they're in direct conversation, the battle today lies it's in the silent assessments happening behind your prospect's computer screens. 

If a builder's online presence doesn't proactively squash these concerns, the digital era's empowered clients won't hesitate to drift towards competitors—whether they're flashier big names or lower quality options.

To truly succeed in today's market, builders must evolve their strategies. It's not just about selling a service anymore; it's about addressing concerns before they're voiced, demonstrating understanding, and positioning oneself as the go-to expert—all before that first point of direct contact. 

The good news is, there's a tried and tested strategy that can slice through the noise, spotlight your unique craftsmanship, and most importantly, preemptively address the myriad of client concerns: Content Marketing.

Yet how do you do content marketing the right way?

For starters, content marketing isn't just about telling your audience that you're the best in the business. 

It's about showing them, proving it with every blog post, article, video, or infographic you produce. 

It's a dialogue, a consistent communication channel that allows builders to not only showcase their expertise but also to resonate deeply with their audience's needs, wants, and fears.

And here's the clincher: the numbers undeniably back up its effectiveness.

According to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI)... 


Content Marketing Rakes in a Whopping Three Times as Many Leads as Traditional Outbound Marketing (Yet Astonishingly, Costs 62% Less)


HubSpot's research reveals an even more compelling story: businesses that wield the power of blogging see a staggering lead growth of 165%, while those that opt out? 

A comparatively meager 73%.

But let's ground these figures with a real-world example.

In the book "They Ask, You Answer", there's an example of a swimming pool company achieving a modest 10% closing rate. Yet…

Something Magical Happened When a Potential Buyer Consumed 30 or More Pieces of Their Content: The Conversion Rate Skyrocketed to an Astounding 80%

What's the secret? It's simple: content builds trust. It demonstrates authority, answers burning questions, and mitigates concerns. It ensures that by the time a prospect reaches out, they're not seeking a sales pitch; they're looking for a partnership. In the vast digital landscape, content doesn't just make selling easier; it transforms it into a mere formality.

To any custom home builder seeking to elevate their brand, cultivate trust, and usher in a new era of growth, content marketing isn't just an option—it's the cornerstone. Embrace it, and watch as the digital doors swing wide open.

Ryan Stannard is a case in point.

As the only builder to reach level 10 of APB’s professional builder levels, he’s not just another name; but a beacon of inspiration and living testament to the immense power of content marketing. 

This feat didn’t materialise out of sheer luck or coincidence. In the years before Ryan found APB, he was struggling…

Smart Ways To Recycle Your Social Media Content

Source: APB SORCI Report 2023

SORCI-Report-Snapshot1 (1)

Overworked, not making any real money and with no direction. He thought about throwing in the towel and giving up altogether


Sound familiar?

While he credits APB’s WIPAA calculator and coaching with changing the way he runs the business and… 

  • Building roughly 25 new homes per year
  • Marking up his jobs to 30%, giving him the net profit required to be a sustainable building company in the industry. 

For years, while others treaded the traditional routes, Ryan embraced the content-centric approach with unwavering conviction. 

Every article, video, and blog post he produced was meticulously crafted to resonate with his audience, answer their concerns, and showcase his expertise.

The results speak for themselves. 

While many builders grapple with lead generation and brand trust, Ryan's digital presence is a magnet, drawing in prospects and converting them with an ease that makes the process seem almost magical. And now the same opportunity is available to you…

The Builders 'Authority' Content Formula

Crafted with the unique expertise of two industry titans, Peter Butler and Scott Bywater, who have already worked with dozens of APB clients (listed below).

This content marketing system is destined to set you apart from your competition. Let's start with Peter Butler.


Peter's ability to navigate the labyrinth of search engine optimization, and streamline social media processes, ensures your content isn't just exceptional, but is also seen. 

His methodologies, rooted in years of experience and innovation, ensure builders don't just have a website, but a powerful online engine that continuously attracts prospects - whether it be via a Google search, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or YouTube.


Then there's Scott Bywater: a name synonymous with copywriting expertise.

In Australia, if there's a piece of copy that moves, inspires, and converts, chances are Scott’s masterful touch is behind it. His words don't just speak; they create connections and build bridges between builders and their audience.

Together, they promise to help you:

  • Educate and Inform

    Gone are the days when potential clients would blindly reach out. Today's clients are informed, and seek clarity. Our approach ensures every piece of content addresses the burning questions of your audience, thereby positioning you not just as a builder, but as a credible industry authority.

  • Quality Lead Generation

    In the vast ocean of the internet, SEO is the beacon that draws visitors to your shores. Our promise is regular, optimised content that attracts the right kind of traffic: quality leads genuinely interested in your services.

  • Establish Trust

    A home isn't just bricks and mortar; it's a dream. Our content showcases your expertise, past achievements, and addresses your client's concerns. So they aren’t filled with doubts — but with trust.

  • Automate and Systemise

    We understand builders thrive in their zone of genius: building. That’s why our service is end-to-end. From SEO tweaks, compelling blog posts, engaging social media content to email broadcasts and captivating video creation—all under one roof. Your role? Just a few hours of investment so everything can be created in your voice.

  • Unique Expertise

    The union of Peter's technical mastery with Scott's copywriting artistry offers a service you’d find it tough to find anywhere. Every word penned, every SEO strategy implemented, is backed by the best in the business.

If you’re a builder ready to dominate the digital realm, this is your vessel. With Butler's tech brilliance and Bywater's word wizardry, your online success isn't just probable — it's inevitable

A Comprehensive, Three-Stage Approach to
Transform Your Digital Presence

Creating high-quality, engaging content can often feel like a Herculean task. But imagine if a single interview could be the seed that blossoms into a full-blown, multifaceted digital presence. That’s not just efficiency; it’s strategic brilliance. Here’s how we make it happen in three meticulously crafted stages:

Stage 1: Content Creation - The Foundation of Your Digital Empire

  • Emotional Hot Button Identification

    We dive deep into understanding what truly resonates with your audience, tapping into their deepest desires and concerns.

  • Content Buckets

    Organising content into specific themes, ensuring a wide range of topics that speak directly to your audience's interests and needs.

  • Social Quote Cards

    Create a digital ripple with over 30+ uniquely designed quote cards, mirroring your core beliefs.

  • Articles That Resonate

    From a single interview, we can derive a dozen or more proof-laden, articulate articles. Imagine being a thought leader online from just one session.

  • 365 Day Marketing Calendar

    Laying out a roadmap for consistent content delivery, tailored to keep your audience engaged throughout the year.

Stage 2: Core Social Channel Optimisation - Amplifying Your Voice

  • Optimise All Online Social Platforms

    Tailoring your presence on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google to reflect your brand's unique voice.

  • Smart Social Posting Platform Setup

    Utilising cutting-edge tools to streamline and automate your social media postings.

  • Integrate Social Platforms

    Creating a cohesive social media strategy that ensures your brand's message is consistent across all channels.

  • Set Posting Regime

    Establishing a schedule that keeps your audience engaged without overwhelming them.

  • Load and Optimise Social Posts

    Crafting messages that are not just informative but also SEO friendly.

  • LinkedIn Profile and Company Optimisation

    Making sure your LinkedIn presence is as robust and compelling as your work.

Stage 3: Core Website SEO - Ensuring You Are Seen and Heard

  • GEO SEO Page Keywords

    Leveraging localised SEO strategies to make sure you are seen by the right, local demographic.

  • SEO Advanced Toolstack

    Employing the latest in SEO technology to ensure your website ranks high in search engine results.

  • Top 5 SEO Tasks

    Focusing on the most impactful SEO strategies to get you quick and noticeable results.

  • SEO Meta Data Reset for Home Page

    Refreshing your home page to make it more attractive to both search engines and visitors.

  • Monthly Rank Track Reporting

    Keeping you informed on where you stand in search rankings and how to improve.

  • Google My Business Optimisation

    Fine-tuning your Google My Business listing to enhance local search visibility.

  • Site Speed Check/Optimisation

    Ensuring your site is fast and user-friendly, a critical factor in retaining visitor interest and improving SEO rankings.

  • Benchmark Site/SEO

    Before we take any actions we benchmark your complete website, keyword rankings, web traffic, so you have a 'before' report to show the vast improvements.

We don't just create content; we create a digital ecosystem that allows your expertise to shine brightly,
drawing in the right clientele. Our integrated approach ensures that from the first moment a prospective client discovers you online,
to each touchpoint in their journey, they are engaged, informed, and drawn closer to choosing you to build their dream home.

APB Builders We Have Worked With

Frequently Asked Questions

Pair of servicemen or repairmen holding and carrying repair tools against computer monitor on background. Concept of website under construction, web page maintenance or error 404. Vector illustration


Bronze Tier
Foundation Builder

$2,000 + GST Monthly
  • Blogs (500+ word articles)
    (1x 500+ word articles per month)
  • Blog Post SEO Optimisation
  • FULL Site SEO Optimisation
  • Facebook Posting
    (6 diy posts per month)
  • Instagram Posting
    (6 diy posts per month)
  • Twitter Posting
    (6 diy posts per month)
  • LinkedIn Posting
    (6 diy posts per month)
  • LinkedIn Articles
    (1 diy posts per month)
  •         Social Post Distribution
                   Do it yourself
  •         Email Soap Opera Sequence Broadcast
                   Not included
  •         Video Shoot
                   Not included
  •         Video Production
                   Not included
  •         YouTube Videos
                   Not included
  •         YouTube Video Optimisation
                   Not included
  •         FAQ SEO Featured Snippet Strategy
                   Not included
  •         Website Heatmap Tracking/Reporting
                   Not included

Silver Tier
Structure Enhancer

$4,000 + GST Monthly
  • Blogs (500+ word articles)
    (2 x 500+ word articles per month)
  • Blog Post SEO Optimisation
  • FULL Site SEO Optimisation
  • Facebook Posting
    (12 posts per month)
  • Instagram Posting
    (12 posts per month)
  • Twitter Posting
    (12 posts per month)
  • LinkedIn Posting
    (12 posts per month)
  • LinkedIn Articles
    (2 LinkedIn articles per month)
  • Social Post Distribution
    Done for you
  • Email Soap Opera Sequence Broadcast
    (4 emails per month)
  •         Video Shoot
                   Not included
  •         Video Production
                   Not included
  •         YouTube Videos
                   Not included
  •         YouTube Video Optimisation
                   Not included
  •         FAQ SEO Featured Snippet Strategy
                   Not included
  •         Website Heatmap Tracking/Reporting
                   Not included

Gold Tier
Masterpiece Creator

$10,000 + GST Monthly
  • Blogs (500+ word articles)
    (4 x 500+ word articles per month)
  • Blog Post SEO Optimisation
  • FULL Site SEO Optimisation
  • Facebook Posting
    (24 posts per month)
  • Instagram Posting
    (24 posts per month)
  • Twitter Posting
    (24 posts per month)
  • LinkedIn Posting
    (24 posts per month)
  • LinkedIn Articles
    (4 LinkedIn articles per month)
  • Social Post Distribution
    Done for you
  • Email Soap Opera Sequence Broadcast
    (8 emails per month)
  • Video Shoot
    (2 of Half-Day Onsite Shoots)
  • Video Production
    (Full professional video production)
  • YouTube Videos
    (YouTube videos loaded)
  • YouTube Video Optimisation
    (tag, meta data, description, backlinks)
  • FAQ SEO Featured Snippet Strategy
    (24 featured FAQ snippets (SEO))
  • Website Heatmap Tracking/Reporting
    (tracks ACTUAL exact website clicks (Advanced SEO)

This is a 12-month program, auto-renewing after 12-months unless otherwise advised.

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