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Mobile Responsive Websites

Mobile Friendly VS Mobile Responsive

There are more mobile devices on the planet than there are humans, go figure! Mobile devices are all the rage - from iPhones, iPads, Androids, Smart Phones and Tablets all showing different views of YOUR website! So … [Read More...]


The Rise of SPAM

It’s a numbers game, and something has changed out there in the land of www. The rate of SPAM over the last few weeks has risen dramatically. Not sure whether they’ve started their own server farm but omg, email … [Read More...]


For the Person Who Has Everything – Xmas Gift Idea

With only 35 days to go what will you buy them? Surely not another (inane or lame gesture) … You want them to remember this gift, right? When my Mum turned 70 and her birthday being on December 19th we wanted to give … [Read More...]

Mobile Responsive Websites

[VIDEO] The True Cost of NOT Having a Mobile Responsive Site!

And how to easily check your mobile traffic. If your website is NOT Mobile Responsive it will lose you money! This is not just about whether a person stays on your site as long, or visits as many pages, although that … [Read More...]


[VIDEO] Game Changer Team Software

[VIDEO below] There are many software tools that help us save time. Old school is excel spread sheets, oh so 90's. Project and task management has gone web 2.0 Trouble is with all this new technology there's the … [Read More...]


Karma, its a good thing. The idea is simple.

Karma, its a good thing. The idea is simple. The more you give out, the more you shall receive. We call it 'Givers Gain' in our networking group, BNI (Business Network International), it's the BNI mantra. It's a … [Read More...]


7 Reasons Why You Should Have a Marketing Budget For Web Video Before June 30

As we draw closer to the end of another financial year, business owners find themselves doing two things with their marketing budgets. 1. Prioritising last minute tax deductible marketing investments 2. Planning their … [Read More...]


Hackers Having a Field Day In WordPress

There's a group of hackers running amok with WordPress and Joomla. Why do hackers hack? Damn good question, a few reasons. Sometimes it's to install a link or a script into your website that points to a website of … [Read More...]


WordPress Website Version Updates x 3

Time to update your website to the new WordPress 3.5 ‘Elvin’ What’s new? The most dramatic new change is a completely re-imagined flow for uploading photos and creating galleries. If you’re a Standard 110 Member … [Read More...]

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